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HisSilverImage (hissilverimage) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 22:19:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    A Sad Day!
    Well today was an interesting day. I slept most of the day, had two nightmares, got into an arguement with my friend, and started a diet.....again! I am quite depressed today though, I havent been taking my meds like I should and for a bipolar person I guess that is a real bad thing to do. I honestly just forget to take it, but still I should make a better effort to remember. I feel alone right now. My best friend seems so distance from me and is constantly just doing things without me. I dont know what to do anymore. Leave, stay, take a vacation, ......I just dont know. :( I wish so much Chris was here, I need someone to hold me, someone to care and show it! I know Erica cares but it seems she is turning into someone I just dont know anymore. I pray she figures out what she wants out of life. I just dont think Im doing any good anymore for her. I pray things look up for everyone involved soon. She is my best friend so I will never give up!

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