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Hippo and Rhino (hipponrhino) wrote,
@ 2004-05-17 16:45:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:Techno

    Thankyou baby
    Well this is basically a journal for me and mah baby to communicate incase one of us gets mad and does something stupid and then doesn't listen to the other so we can come here and let it all out, its also a journal to write about how much we love each other. My names Elizabeth and I'm seventeen just like my baby Logan who is the biggest dork alive, thats why I love Him, we've been together for one year and seven months and one day today! For the past year and 7 months I've learned to love, trust, want, and cherish this man. Hes the best ever. There are soooo many great things about him that drive me crazy, for instance whenever he looks at me he has these blue eyes that just sparkle and their like puppy dog eyes, you can't say "no" to them EVER it gets annoying (shhh). I love his body, he has the nicest arms ever, i love them but i especially love being in them, they make me feel so safe as if nothing could ever get close to touching me or hurting me. Baby I love you more than n e thing and I know I can be a jerk and for this I'm sorry! I love you. Also he can write (obviously) I love his poetry its always sooooooooooooo beautiful and i love it, i wish i could get close to writing the way he does, I love you baby...hes a fighter, like a serious martial artist which i find sexy as hell (maybe thats just me, but i find it attractive as hell) there are many other wonderful qualities about him that i love! I have no more time to type so i'll write in here later. I love you baby boy!

    ur hippo~~~~~

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