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Sarah (hip_scar) wrote,
@ 2003-08-14 20:02:00
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    Saw my doctor today, got new x-rays, and at ten weeks post-op I'm now allowed to walk without crutches around the house. I walk really, really funny. I'm very tired right now, mostly from the ordeal of getting to the hospital and back on mass transit, and I am limping very obviously. I can sorta walk without really obviously limping, but not right now. However, it does always feel like my foot is sorta sinking into the floor. The muscles are just all weak around my hip, that's all. We both pushed on the little bumps that run underneath my scar - the heads of the screws. I asked him more about that procedure, getting them out, and he said I could be awake for it and he'd rather not put me under if he didn't have to. Man, if I'm awake when I get my screws out that is going to be an insanely funny experience. I say that only because I was awake for getting my wisdom teeth out, and reacted to the drugs with a lot of bliss and laughter, and when I get nervous I tend to laugh really hard at things that are generally horrifying. Like drilling out screws from bone.

    Anyway, I'm to use one crutch as I need it, when it gets uncomfortable to walk without crutches. I'm practicing taking steps in the mirror to try to get rid of my lip and un-train myself to walk crutch-like, and I can honestly say for the first time that I am now in less pain from everyday activity than I was before the surgery.

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