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Caroline (highc888) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 23:59:00
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    Current mood:HYPER... EXCITED
    Current music:98 MUTE DONO WUT SONG DONT CARE!!!!!!!

    (k its really 1:45am on monday lol but this is what i did sunday so thas y i changed it above!!!)
    . donald came over this mornin
    . hadda mini photo shoot yey!
    . ate at el som
    . ran into traci chrisR chrisD curtis n jack
    . chilled wit monica downtown for a bit
    . ran into molly pringle...talked for a while it was tight cuz i havent seen her 4ever!!!
    . talked 2 beth n becca they were downtown too
    . shopped at sidewalk sale...hehe i got this REALLY cute $70 shirt from dollyrocker!!!! it was marked down hehe i luv it
    . went to church at 5
    . chilled at the gym wit christinaL jenG ashleyQ ashleyS chrisD curtis sandy omar hah juliette...sum other ppl were there
    . grubbed on pizza played pool...chilled
    . went 2 justines at 9
    . went 2 my place
    . raced our a$$es down 2 vons n back cuz fuckin cerfew was in 10 min...bought salsa verde doritos, 12 pack of cokes hehehe watermelon n candy
    . chilled in the RV...pigged out...watched silence of the lambs n what lies beneath
    . laughed a shitload!!! almost shit our pants hahahahaha got ourselves scared also lol... hyper as usual late night :-P hehehe
    . phone...donald kayla monica chrisM mikeO amyC
    . justine sleepin over
    . messin around!!@!@&!#(*@!(!&!(*@&#(*!!&$%^#$^

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