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Caroline (highc888) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 01:02:00
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    Current mood:tired, happy
    Current music:guns n roses -night train

    my last one was way too fuckin long shit im sorry everyone!!! babysitting went luved me...i got paid $60...n $20 alone on top of that for pizza 4 my dinner...saw jeff (not kepeli but surferpro MB jeff) he stopped by for a while at like 10 way after the kids went 2 wuz cool seeing him kepeli called me n we talked till like 3:30am it was funfun haha...ur cool to talk to kepeli!!!...and kepeli is his name yes it we talked lots n we laughed a lot lol...2day i woke up late...i wuz gonna go to the beach in hermosa but i woke up at like 12:45 n i missed mornign church so i hadda go at 5...i couldnt go anywhere and reza n bj wanted to hang out but i time, didnt work i went to church at 5...sat wit sandy...i havent seen him for 2 wks or so so i wuz happy i saw him...then we went to the life teen thing afterward 2 hang out...shit it was great they had tons of food tonight...taco bell, pizza, breadstix, sodas, chips, salsa...!!!!!!!!!...christina, mallory, ashley, marrissa, jen, n jamee were there we all talked...n i talked wit sandy a lot too it was cool...i called him 2nite hes leavin for tressels tomorrow...wont b back till thurs or then rob called...then i called ami...then i called monica shes wit kayla...n nick decicco called...he, chris bain, and marc came by...shit i love bains truck wut ive heard is true...its that his truck is fuckin tight ahaha...we chilled for like half an hr or sumtin cuz they hadda go but they jus wanted to stop by...i was SO HAPPY TO SEE MARC AND NICKYD...i havent seen them 4ever i really really REALLY REALLY REALLY miss them...( sniff sniff tear :-( )...marcs leaving on the 25th i really wanna c him more b4 he leaves 4 minnesota...ima cry...:`-(...well im tired gonna get sum sleep gnight

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