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Caroline (highc888) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 21:11:00
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    Current mood:tired, lil confused
    Current music:no one like u -scorpions

    hmm well drew came by at like 12:30 las night...snook out again we hung out it wuz fun...didnt get to bed till around 5am...damn ive been stayin up so late...craZ...uum this mornin i woke up at 9:40 to my cell ringing it wuz reza hes in vegas now...i didnt answer it cuz i wuz so tired i coudlnt get up n answer....n so i went back 2 sleep n woke up at like 11:30 n chris russel called me...he jus got back from la jolla...funfun so ya we talked for a while...then i went 2 the saw a lotta ppl...hung wit diff crowds every 5 min or so hahaha...scarlett, alli, aaron, jeff, deen, anthony, andrew n their crowd wuz there...n i came wit erica, ellarie, alexis, hunter, kenny, n kevin, n lana hung wit us too, same wit jade but a lil later on...i also saw christina wesley there havent seen her forever...n marc n casey were there too...i wuz like wowie...saw lotta ppl in one day...n then i came home n took like a one hr shower lol that wuz goood...n i wanted to go kickboxing 2nite but i got home too late n totally forgot bout it! :-(...n then i wuz gonna go to the movies wit erica, annie, hallie, hunter, n kyle but they cancelled...n then deen, aaron, jeff, andrew, n anthony i think wanted 2 hang out but they live in redondo n i dot have anyone over n i cant go anywehre early 2night...damn them they really need cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....alexis said if ellary or jordan didnt end up sleepin over at her place she'd call me n have me sleepover...but i guess they ended up bein able to n so wierd takes me a long time b4 i know i like a guy...i wuz talkin bout this wit deen sumtimes ill think i really do n other times i totally dont n it pisses the shit outa me...i dont make up my mind...i really cant help wut i feel tho!!! n i dono wtf is up wit me....well i know it must take a while 2 know for sure then lol...waiting....haha hun pretty much every girl i brought wit me 2 the beach thinks ur a total cutie...(u know who u r! if ur reading this)...amy i cant wait till fri itll b lotta fun...hard 2 believe i havent met u in person b4 lol shit it doesnt feel wierd at all...i feel like ive known u for a while im tired i should really get sum sleep lol my schedules so fucked up geeez..haha mike...stay blunt!!! scotty got a raise thats not fair!!! y cant i have a job wit good pay!!!! damn u scotty im jealous!....i hope i can go wit u 2 the concert! fuckin tired i cant write anymore...xoxoxoxo much luv peeeeece

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