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Caroline (highc888) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 02:12:00
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    Current mood:sleepy, lil confused

    good timez
    well las night...or should i say this morning lol...drew n justin came by at 11:40 las night n i had them park a couple of houses away from mine n i snuck out n we hung out in drewz car till 3:57am! wow lol justin wuz soo bored at the end...i wasnt bored tho haha we were all fallin asleep it wuz sorta fun...n ya then 2day i woke up at 1:30pm 2 my cell ringing n it wuz reza...i wuz supposed to call him at 11:30 or sumtin bout comin over i wuz like SHIT eh n he came down to my house all the way from pv at 12:30 n i wuz sleeping!!! so he went all the way back home!!! i felt so bad i owe him so much n we havent seen eachother for like 5 months lol well anyway he said he wuznt sure if he could get a ride back down here or not but that hed call me...n so i called my cuzzie kara to c wut she wuz doin 2day n becca picked up n said she wuz down at the beach n i wuz gonna go down there to hang out wit kara cuz i havent seen my sis 4ever n i miss her!!!!! argh....but naw that never happened n yey reza got a ride down here at 2:30 n his cuzzie bijan came too...we went to the beach...saw chris deluca, n conor there too...ahhaa reza taught me wrestling n fighting moves it wuz fun n iz really cool hehehaha ima better fighter now :-P n ya we had funfun at le beacho n then we came back to my place n matt varon came over 2...we ordered pizza yumyum i ate 7 pieces yes i AM A PIGGY AND PROUD OF IT!!!..hehehaha...n then conor n chris came over n conor brought his 2 it wuz like the 8 of us in my room i wuz like ah many ppl in heeeere...ya we all chilled outside n in my room sum of the time...jammed on the guitar...hehe matt im better than u poo!!!! aaaw hez jealous :-P I luv u tho!!!!!...n then we went in my front yard n did sum more wrestling shit haha sum of the guys got lil massages from ya then they all left around 10:30...sniff sniff bijan is moving to iran (shit) on monday n i jus met him 2nite...he says he really wants a chance wit me i feel so bad cuz its only one wk that hes gonna b here but he really really likes me n he wants even a 1 wk relationship aaaw...this is so cute...he is a real sweetheart totally flattered...hehe i dono wut ima do thoo!!!...shit mike called earlier i 4got to call him cuz i said i might b able to chill 2night but i never called him! i totally forgot! i think hes a lil pissed dono but hes all "well have fun 2nite" booooo well i did have fun haha um then justin called...after that bret called me...he wuz wit sandy n sandy got my number but he never called me n he says he lost it grrrr...talked wit drew for a while he wants 2 come by tomorrow late nite...hes gonna call me...that is if he remembers haha...uum o ya tomorrow i wanted to c scotty really bad...but my mom groudned me tomorrow!!! GAY cuz she got all pissed cuz i said the guys could stay till 10:30 n i didnt ask her first if they could stay till then n she flipped out on me n grounded 2morrow...n scotty didnt have a ride anyway he jus told me so i wuz sad...uum but ya reza and bijan might come by tomorrow night late nite also i dono yet 4 sures tho wuts happenin until drew calls me i im so brain has been thinkin so n my sleep auto schedule is all fucked up now from monicas sleepover and las nite wit drew n justin...shit im tired ima go hit the sack...xoxo c u my dreams if im lucky!

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