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Mari (hiaslilprincess) wrote,
@ 2002-12-20 15:46:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music: Ja Rule ft. Bobby Brown - Thug Luvin

    Last daii of skool
    Omg todaii in da mornin mah bus decided to come late .... I waited for it for like 40 minutes.. lets juz saii dat when I got ta skool 1rst period was half way started soo I skipped it... wif mah friends Jenny, Evelyn, and sum other chiks. Dys peeps showed me where da whole skool goes to fuck and smoke weed... I was like OMG. lolz Newho I went to 2nd kuz its homeroom and we watched a movie "Gladiator" den I went to thurd kuz I had a party and den I skipped 4rth and went to both lunches and chilled wif mah peepz Glenda, Jenny, Miguel etc. Umm I met sum seniors dey was str8. In 1rst lunch I was in a circle where da rapperz free style and dey free styled bout mwahz lol I had a candy cane on mah necklace and dey rapped bout dat and wantin to fuck n shyt lolz After 2nd lunch we skipped in Federico's klass I met sum chiko naiimed Alex. Then I just basically skipped da whole daii and umm da chorus of muh skool was going through every class singin X-mas carols and I wuz singin :) Glenda gave me a christmas card and a candy cane I wuz like aww how nice lol (thanks ma) well dats bout it Im tired now sooo buh bye :) HAPPY HOLIDAIIS!!!

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