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hEaThEr (hhscutie69) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 12:09:00
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    Well, my day SUCKED.. Went to bed @4 .. I got up this morning at 7, after waiting 3 hours for Kody to call me. And of course he didn't. But that's not unusual. I hate him sometimes.. But a/w- went to the dentist.. to finish my root canal. Man- this shit really hurts now! All through my right side of my face!!! It's bad-off! ut after that was done and over I came home an went to SLeEp! Then got up and told momma I was goin to walk down the street.. I needed a cigarette so bad. (AHhHh NeWPOrT PLeAsUrE.. loL) Mark called me tonite too. We talked for about 2 hours. He was asking that if me and him ever got together- would I be 'serious'... Cause apparently that's what he wants. I mean- he's with Sam and all. They been together for a year. But lately they've broken up about 50 times in the last 2 months! He's about fed up with it. Oh well- I'll see how that goes some other day I guess. Meredith called too- Talkin bout she's seein 3 UFO's in the damn sky.. then we got all goofy singin to each other like we're crazy. That's what happens when you smoke weed... Damn potheads.. Oh well- it's good to me.. Dled Chingy's Right Thurr... my fav song.. lol. I love it... now I'm talkin to Kenny and he's drinkin .. teasing me... cause he knows I'm an alcoholic... but he just keeps on..! He's bout to get hurt-cause I'm finna go over there and steal his fifth... and his coke.. lol but man- i gotta get up off this shit.. Ima talk to you later! holla at ya Ü

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