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ReLeNtLeSs (hephaestus18) wrote,
@ 2004-05-15 10:54:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Linkin Park-Breaking The Habit

    Mixed Emotions
    sometimes i wonder what is wrong w/people?!?! to be honest, i've said it myself, sometimes i just FUCKIN' HATE EVERYONE! f'real, sometimes i hate everybody, and other times I LUV everybody. in fact, I wrote that kind of poem, now i'm gonna show y'all how it goes!

    I like you,
    I hate you,
    I love you all,
    I fuckin' hate y'all,
    I wish you the best,
    I want you to fail,
    fail miserably,
    succeed triumphantly,
    but most to all the time,
    ur in my thoughts,
    and I really care 4 u,

    see w/that you wonder, and ask, "is he really telling the truth, or is he just full of shit and cares only about his own being?" y'knoe wut, i'mma be honest, sometimes i have mixed emotions because I don't knoe how to feel, and that's up to me to feel whichever way i wanna feel.

    recently, since last tuesday, my mother and I have been arguing because she thinks all I do is use her for whatever I need. sometimes I can be that way, I can admit that. and sometimes I don't even intend to use my own parents just for my well being. it sucks how they can think of me like that. it doesn't matter to me how I use or how ppl use me but I don't intend to use ppl and other times I hope i'm not using people myself. anyways, wednesday we kept arguing about how all we do is argue over everything and how i'm a bad son but it doesn't matter to me. anyways, on thursday i stayed home because i didn't feel like going to school and plus i felt so sick to my stomach that i had to stay home. friday i went to school. michelle still thinks i'm "unappreciative" of her but y'knoe wut, I DO'NT GIVE A FUCK! if she truly does wanna call me that, she can say it up to my face and not hide it from me. she got dissed by this girl and i think she set her straight. this girl told michelle that she's a pathological liar and that's that! other than that, that's all I heard. I don't care anymore about her, when she wants to talk to me,she can approach me about it. hector and me are still talking, 2nd period sucked, 1st period was wutever and then eventually i found a ride home thanx 2 Timmy! then i went tothe plant and hung out w/the homies. the ghetto bird was flying over us and it was lookin 4 a missin 4 year old. so what did we do to the best of our ability? 2 18 year olds ran around the parking lot hoping the helicopter would follow us and of course it did. thanx charles for joining in on the fun. see sometimes i find shit to be a joke, cuz u cant take EVERYTHING serious now can you?!?! anyways, today i think i'm staying home for once, cause i need to do homework, write later!


    ps: Morning Sweetheart!

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