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you can run but you can't hide (helter_skelter) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 22:03:00
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    Current mood:pissed off
    Current music:Dark Funeral - Open the Gates

    I didn't think I'd write in here anymore but this is just too much. I'd rather read a headline of another terrorist attack [on several lazy blacks on welfare ; ) ] then read a headline like this:

    'You Got Served' Dances to Box Office Win
    Sunday February 1 1:50 PM ET

    Recently split teen R&B band B2K put the moves on the box office as its dance flick "You Got Served" debuted at No. 1 with $16 million.


    WHAT THE FUCK! Am I fucking hallucinating here? Does that shit really say You Get Served is Number one in the box office?! I'm too pissed off about that to write any witty paragraph here that tears apart the piece of shit, but I will say that I am outraged. That is an insult to cinema, it is an insult to film making, it is an insult to writing, it is an insult to Americans who have their arms wide fucking open to stupidity and urban trends. Even my own fucking father has been cast under the spell. He's been sitting in front of the tv watching the news! THE FUCKING NEWS! and guess what the big story on the news is tonight?! JANET JACKSON'S NIPPLES! Holy dog shit?! Nipples! There's something you don't see everyday! There's something everybody doesn't have! There's something up until a few hours ago no one gave a rat's ass about! A rat's ass, now that should be on the news! My dad called my mom into the room to see this nipple event. It was then that I decided enough was enough. I walked over and turned off the TV. They looked at me in shock. Oh my God! Why did he take away the images of nipples! I simply said "I'm saving you both some brain cells" and walked away. The TV never turned back on. Just like the monsters on that tree house of horrors episode on the simpsons "just don't look." If no one gives a shit, then the media won't flip out about it and cover it. Just don't look, ignore it, it's damn nipples. Go look in the mirror, squeeze your own, lick them, play with them, do whatever you want. But please, don't get excited when there is going to be nipples on the news.

    Well one bad thing distracts me from another. Back to You Got Served. For fuck's sake, ever since Fast and the Furious came out it became acceptable for a movie to have a lousy script with poor acting just as long as the actors were 'hip' and 'hot.' Fuck you b2k and Paul Walker and Vin Diseal and all you other tampons who are destroying mainstream entertainment. You have my word, this is serious, I hope the next terrorist attack is at some kind of MTV Video/Music awards bullshit so that all of these assholes will die. I was flipping through the channels today, came to MTV and I see Eve in a video store showing us viewers what good movies are. She picks up Pulp Fiction. I thought, oh, well maybe she doesn't have such bad taste after all. Then right after that she picked up Triple X. You can't fucking do that!! How can you say Pulp Fiction is a good movie, oh and so is Triple X. No! It was a downward spiral from there on with BAPS and Barber Shop and so on. Because of bad music, bad movies, bad tv shows, bad styles, and so on, I hate alot of people. You Got Served is number one in the box office. NUMBER ONE! What the fuck is that?!??!?!? I'm going to have nightmares. The only way to get over this is to flip out and murder someone!!! FUCK! If you like that movie, leave a comment with your name and address and if you want, attempt trying to pursuade me it was a good movie. I will come to your house as soon as humanly possible and murder/rape you while your family watches... then steal some cool stuff from your house.

    Today in Study Hall I was listening to my metal at an obnoxiously loud volume, as usual. This girl from several rows down throws a piece of paper at me. What the fuck? I look up and she tells me to turn it down because the drums (Nick Barker!! FUCK YEAH!) are annoying her. I said "nah, I like this song." So I put my headphones back on and enjoyed my comfortably loud music while she bitched to her friends what an asshole I was. I win. I thought about saying more and getting into a nice argument with her but it wasn't worth the effort. But I probably would have mentioned how I never complain about having to hear her talking about getting drunk, hanging out with niggers, the rap she blasts, and all other various annoying bitch activities. I never complain about that, so who the fuck are you to tell me to turn my music down? Shit, if I got the news about You Got Served being number one before that happened, I most likely would've said that shit. But I was having a good day at that time. Me pissing her off made the day even better. I enjoyed every second of the song even more knowing that it was pissing off some rap-loving skank just a few feet away.

    Also in the news of me being a victorious asshole, some girl told me she wants to see You Got Served so I told her I hope she gets raped by a black man. Well she told me she has infact been raped, and even better it was by a black man. Her friends confirmed its authenticity. My reply was "Well I guess my work here is done." Victory is mine!

    I don't know what I just typed up, I don't feel like revising. But I hope it was badass, got the point across that You Got Served sucks, who cares about nipples, rape can be funny in certain situations, and don't let a bitch make you turn your music down.

    Aside from that bullshit, today was awesome. It was sunny and I only have one more act to write for my script. After that, it's a long, winding road of revising.

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