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Cassandra (hellokitty69) wrote,
@ 2003-06-13 22:23:00
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    Current mood:confused...again

    Yeah so the past two days were okay. this guy that I like, named Chris came over to my house and we had a little jam session on the keyboard since we're both into that. He's super smart and cute. Yeah after three hours my mom made him go home since it was getting late. we hugged and he told me to call him tomorrow.
    So tomorrow comes and I call him. he invites me to his house and I gladly accept to go. So i get directions and I do go over there. I finally know where the boy lives!!

    but anyway. we played nintendo, surfed around onthe computer and jammed out on his keyboard. he's one awesome harmonica player. he has this david duchovny appeal to him...evolution era. very sexy, especially when he gets into the music.

    we also jumped on his trampoline. I told himthat I feel like a juggie without the bikini and he clicked his tongue and said it is a shame. that cracked me up. but he's a shy guy and I don't know if he can tell that I like him. I hugged him before I left...I would've stayed longer but I felt like an intruder since he was about to make dinner and his parents were coming home. maybe next time. I didn't know how his mom would react to a girl being in the house without her consent. then again, he's a guy and he probably has less rules to deal with than I do.
    but the verdict is unknown at this point.I don't know whether he wants to be friends or he's too damn shy to say something. all of his friends give me weird looks.
    I tried to call him today..not to make plans just to say hey since he has to go to west virginia all the summer for his dad's work, but I didn't get an answer.

    damnit. I won't be home all weekend. i'll have my cell though. god damn the act tomorrow. i'm gonna do poorly since I lack the motivation to try. oh well, I got like three more times to take it. then, I get to hang out with my older sister all weekend. fun!

    but anyways. I guess I better get to bed. stupid act. BLAH! ha

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