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Heartbreaker..I'm addicted to you (hello_kaity) wrote,
@ 2002-11-27 00:14:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Finger Eleven_slow chemical

    It's weird to have to start over on another journal site.
    I mean I'm not leaving LJ or anything, but it's just weird to be some where else lol.
    Not sure what all I'm going to be doing this week. Or tomorrow for that matter!
    Mom has to work early in the morning, so she's going to stop by the grocery store and pick up the ingredients i need in order to make zucchini bread, and she'll be home early. (like 11 am as opposed to 5 pm.)
    Greg wants to come up tomorrow, but if the weather's still bad, his mom won't be able to drive him up here, cause she'll just have the caddie and it doesn't like bad weather lol. which sucks cause i'd like to see him. I know i just saw him at school today, but I miss him.
    lol ah being young and in love. it's great really.
    He suggested having mom pick him up on her way back here, but if she's going to be up that early that means I have to be up really early in order to clean, or else stay up late cleaning. I'm sure I could get the downstairs down pretty quick if I was actually motivated to do it. hmm maybe I'll do it tonight so he can come up.
    He's going to bring The Cable Guy and Spiderman for us to watch, he just got both on DVD recently so he's wanting me to watch them with him lol.
    I'm so glad I'm out of school for a few days. We may only have 3 actual school days off but with the weekend its 5 days so its great. more sleep ahhhhh.
    Binx is sitting here with me as I type lol. she's such a sweetheart. *see pic of her in icon, she's about 4-5 months old now:)*
    I'm kinda bored. Sitting here on cam talking to my friend David from New York.
    such an exciting life huh.
    oh well, I don't think I'd trade it in for anything else :)

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