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Heartbreaker..I'm addicted to you (hello_kaity) wrote,
@ 2003-02-12 03:52:00
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    Current mood: tired

    God damnit.
    I just wrote out a semi long entry and blurty was an ass.
    Greg and I broke up. Boo hoo. heh.
    Glad to be out of that relationship. Didn't realize how bad it was until recently. He was an ass. hell still is.
    Going midnight bowling with Krystle, David, and possibly Tiffany and Mike. Should be fun. Brian said he might be there too which would be nifty. Haven't seen him in awhile.
    He confessed to me the other day that he has wanted to have sex with me since like 9th grade. What the hell I'm single heh.
    Krystle said she's going to try to hook me up with Mike, our coworker. He's a nice guy, big blue eyes and piercings heh.
    At least it will give me someone new to hang out with right?
    Doug came over for awhile today, that was fun. Got some subs from Godfather's and watched Cruel Intentions. That movie always makes me cry, I'm such a wuss.
    It's just so cute when Sebatian is waiting for Annette at the top of the escalator and that Counting Crowes song is playing. *sigh* I wish a guy would love me that much :)
    and I wish he'd be as hot as Sebatian. rawr. hehehe.

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