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Daniel (heavymetal_intx) wrote,
@ 2004-05-29 00:16:00
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    Current mood: angry

    The man walked the streets. Alone. This is how he lived. Alone. Why have others around you? All people want was a way to get money off of you. In the end you had to be alone. The man didn’t used to think in this manner, he had changed. The man once had many friends, a full life that many others would have killed for. He thought that in his heart it was what he wanted, but it wasn’t. What the man really wanted was to be alone. He lived his life making others laugh, making others feel good. He found one day that they were just using him to make their own lives a little more livable. People had more cruelty than any animal. Humans could look in your eye and say you are their best friend one moment and the next turn around and tell another how much they hate you. He had once loved but found that love to be stale and unreturned. Now the man walked. Alone. Feeling the night. The day was too cheerful, too full of people full of themselves. The night held only those who knew the lack of human embrace. This man was one of those people. Without love, without caring, without pain. Being alone was the only way to truly escape the pain of living. Death was no option, being alone also meant that no one was there to judge him, to tell him he was dumb or to tell him how to live or tell him why he was wrong. Alone. Without others you can be no better nor no worse than yourself. People compete for goals that hold no meaning. Though they may rule, humans are the most underdeveloped of all the animals. The man held no money, no life. He let people think of him what they would. There was no more pleasing others to satisfy himself. To people he was a faceless man who drifted by and caused interest for a second, this is how the man wanted to live. Alone. Love was a burden that humans must bare, but not for him. He felt no love or compassion to woman or man alike. He had been spat at too much to care what others cared about. He once seemed happy, but deep down he wanted this nothingness that held his life now. This man was nothing more than a shell, a lifeless corpse . Alone. Fear was meant for those who cared about others. This man cared for nothing, fear was nothing. Emotionless is how the world must be lived in order to survive, this is what he had become. Emotionless. People don’t care to care they care to be seen caring. People ask how you are only when others are there to see them say it. Life is nothing but a show for each other. One big fucking show. The man had seen many things in his life, many others would cower from. Nothing effected him. The rain slowly started to come down. He didn’t care. Looks were for others not himself. Humans are impressed with looks, the only thing that matters are looks. In life if you look good you go places, in life people care. This man felt no more life within him. Living is only there when you feel love. Love is a cruel bitch that catches even the mighty. Love did not catch this man anymore. Love had fled. This was truly the wonderful life so many others had tried to attain. Money, women, love, only for those who truly care. The man no longer cared, he only wanted to walk, to feel the breeze, to feel the rain, to see the stars. The only thing he could trust were the stars, they had no feelings, they were admired as well as feared. But no one talked about the stars badly. The stars were always there. The stars wouldn’t suddenly go somewhere else all alone, they worked in unison, a group, at peace. Peace. Peace will never be obtained by a race of creatures that cannot decide on themselves. A race of creatures that fight for reason of little to no importance. A race with pride results in death. Pride. The only thing stronger than love. This man needed no pride. Pried was a show put on to impress others into thinking you cared. Pride was for those who cared. This man had nothing, a perfect life. Nothing. Peaceful. Alone. And slowly he walked on, into the cold dark lonely peace.

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