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Brittany (heavensteardrop) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 16:16:00
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    Current mood:annoyed
    Current music:I'm Coming Clean by Hilary Duff

    GRRR I just updated this but it didn't work cause I clicked the wrong button, so now I have to write the rants all over again.
    Victim #1:

    Silver Raye Adams(my dear half sister)
    -whenever you like someone she makes it really big like you're in love with the person, it really makes me mad. I do that but I'm always playing around and I tell the person that. Yet Silver on the other hand...she does it because that what she thinks.
    -Silver has such a big ego, she thinks she's a goddes or something (hence the nick name: "Goddess Of Death"). I highly doubt she's ever killed someone or has even tried killing herself. Stories, dreams, and fictional people don't count no da!

    Dashren Nolan (I've been wanting to rant about him for awhile)
    -He's egotistical as well but worse. He thinks that I like him! (well he thinks a lot of girls like him actually..) He's always like are you sure you don't like me? positive? blah blah blah. I'm sick of it, it's like he's trying to do some creepy sort of sublminial messaging to make it seem as though I really do like him, when I don't. Personally, I think that in some very odd way he likes me and is trying to make think I like him so that whatever happens in the future happens. and that's making me mad.
    -I hate that he uses japanese terms and everything when he's not even japanese. I really don't think japanese people appreciate it either, not like he cares because he doesn't consider any ones feeling but his own and his girlfriends, which he didn't very much when he was around Stephanie.
    -He degrades me a lot, and the only person I like to degrade me is myself. I'm not as blonde as he and silver think. people act certain ways around other people because of the way that person acts. Silver...? Dash? Did you ever think maybe I had the attention span of a fly, and the mental capacity of a 7 year old for a reason?

    Victim #3 Kyoko
    - okay, I love her dearly but she's sooo selfish. She thinks that everyone should share with her, when ding ding ding she won't share with them. Also she expects to be in the top 5 of everyones list of people they love.

    I'm done venting, I really don't like to be angry but sometimes it just can't help. Now that I got that off my chest though I feel tons better. ^__________^ I'm a wuss so I wouldn't actually say this too people's faces unless they happened to ask me too, which is why I give this little journal to them. Anyways I have to go though, but automatically anyone who does read this just call me Heaven instead of my real name that way I'll know found out about me. Thanks!


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