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JEWLI (hearts326) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 16:58:00
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    Current mood: accomplished

    dirty cooter!
    Oh man oh man. Freakin long day!

    Band was wee early in the morning. Practiced with the band this time AH. Wasn't bad I spose. Started to think I'm gettin a hold on tuba a bit but yea only ended up pissed off after marching/playing and crap later on. Ah well.

    I think today was a good happyish day with Jess and LeAnne. On breaks outside while marching we had some freakin hilarious moments. I've missed them and that type of stuff. Our new thing is "TUBA LOVE!" (fag, ill show ya sometime) We had very many laughs today. gwhaha. :)

    (I talked to Riise yesterday and I realized..I'm not in the wrong here, I'm completely right. She helped me realize alot of things and now, I'm completely okay with everything. I'm not going to dwell over retarded shit. I now ALMOST pity stormi for having problems and being...well. psychotic and just,not right. Ah well.)

    FAG had to be a bastardhead today in sectionals! >:o Tryin to act all mean and tough and stuff. Pssh. I'l whip you up into shape,dickhead! :oP

    So that trombone player. Yep. Pretty hot. LeAnne thinks so too. Eventually there will be a war...gwha.

    Got in a freakin food fight with tris and steve. Bastardheads!!! Have horrible aim,you know.

    I'm excited bout not having to be with the band but being with the drums for pregame. Thats sweet. Woohoo!

    Yada yada, lots of other details just very drained and lost and stuff, can't remember.

    Came home and went straight to work on getting the water out of my bed. :( I know I know I'll miss it too but it wasn't my choice. Man you have no idea how hard that was. My mom was tryin to lift it up and its SO freakin heavy, I felt like-if this old woman is tryin to do it I may as well too. And that added on to the pain in my back from carrying tuba all day. >:o It took forever and I think those few hours will be a memory for me and mum years and years later cuz some funny shit occurred. I love my mum. :)

    After that..(took 2 hours!) I decided to clean my room and rearrange and shit. Meaning..I carried that big cd lamp and my bass and amp and the crap underneath my desk and such. PLUS I brought down the mattress for the bed. GAH. THEN. Mom went to Stephs and...I put EVERYTHING back into the hutch. EVERYTHING. You have no clue as to how much junk there was,glass stuff,photoalbums,boxes. Oh my god. But I wanted to help mum out while she was gone. THEN I moved the table into the corner,meaning I had to move the OTHER round table out of the way...and put the other one in its place,and then move the round one to another spot. DAMN. then I swept my room and the hallway and a few stairs. Then came upstairs,straightend behind the basement door (which is freakin disgusting) and cleaned my upstairs room and straightend the piano room up and bathroom. Did laundry, moms,mine,dads,and franks and a few blankets and rugs. Then I brought the tuba (that I brought home from school to practice) upstairs and began to practice and just. I couldn't. I'm so freakin exhausted and drained I can't do anything. My back hurts like a mother effer and my moms pissed now saying I over exerted myself and whatnot. Ah well I got a lot done today, I'm somewhat proud. But now I ache. :(

    Gaha. Conversation with LeAnne at the moments got me entertained. Must leave.

    but do let me say. i didnt write that entry but a fucked up slut did, and id like to admit that-im a better person than her. maybe not in the "believing in god" category,(although im sure i follow more rules than her) but in the sense that im not slutty. gwhaha.

    . sweety...i feel really bad for you. you're very fucked up and have some serious problems. i apologize that cullen wont date you and he doesnt love you but stalking him isnt the way to win him over. and im sorry you're a bit insane and psychotic but they do offer help to people like you. may not do to well but always worth a try.

    and just remember everything youve said. cuz you'll get whats coming to you soon enough. thats not a threat. only a promise. you upset me for a minute there...but then i realized WHO is saying these things. why should i care? you're a dirty ugly little skank who fucks around too much and tries to act like theyre into the whole god scene when really you're just a flat out horrible person. you have no morals,you have no bathing skills,you have no personality or originality. you cheat scotty here out of a relationship while you chase cullen around and stalk him and shit. i could continue to go into detail about how disgusting and horrible of a person you are but itd last forever. you're little act of "being mature" and grown up has proven to have failed throughout your attempts to,apparently,be a moron. ill be seeing you soon.

    as for andy and leanne,see ya in the morning kiddos!

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