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m a s s a c r e (heartbreak__her) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 17:39:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:dido ; white flag

    school daze.
    today was derrrrrtttt, but Mr. Pasqualone is awesome.i saw all my boys today and yesterday!! has actually been really fun these past couple days.i mean, i hate waking up in the morning, but i'm really close with at least 10 people in each class.and my teachers are all awesome.ewww except my 8th hour teacher Mr. Lusk, he's an asshole.but me and mandi and tiff sat in the back of the room and laughed the whole was fun.i think my health teacher is a lesbian.she also is the girl's gym teacher.blehhh.i didn't see kristin today and that upset me.ana and i don't have classes together either but that really didnt bother me because she's starting to annoy me...i mean, i love her but i dunno.whatever.

    JD, rachel, leah, andrea, and i are going to see Good Charlotte and Something Corporate on October 6th.megan might come too but i dunno.

    i'm so sick of both of you know who you are.i thought you could tell me anything, and i thought you...well...i dunno what i thought about you.but whatever.i don't really care but both of you bother me.

    this song is so much better than you.

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