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Rob (heart_so_cold) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 20:56:00
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    Current mood: irate
    Current music:System of a down-Metro

    fuck you,cuz i fucking hate you.
    Went to the mall(fuck the mall) with my cousin's fiance Ben today to see freddyVjasson. I never noticed how many beautiful, simply gorgeous girls are at the mall. There were some of the most ravishing women iv'e ever seen in my life at the mall today.... i Any way, lets forget about those beautiful women that ill never be with and their rich fucking daddys who give them a porshe for every birthday, FUCK THEM AND THE PREP ASS MOTHER FUCKS THAT GAVE THEM LIFE. Fucking hell, if you don't see one person a day that youd like to smash their fucking face in with a brick your fucking lucky. Any way, got new tires for my car... bout time, them old shits were hurtin. You know who fucking sux..... DEFTONES. They fucking suck so bad, the only thing i asked santa for last year were that the deftones all get throat, lung, skin, ass, ball, dick and brain cancer. Chino's voice sounds like mike fucking jackson, he sounds like a fucking kiddy toucher... I WISH HE WOULD FUCKING DIE!!!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!! Im so angry i could just cry out in rage. O well,... this is the part where i wonder where my angel is... if she's ever going to save me from this world of shit and false hopes i live in, im not really so angry i dont think, im not sure, im just confused, no... im that angry i gues, i wish she was hear with me. i need her so bad... if your reading this and want to save me hun, just drop me a line, i need you so bad, i need some one... fucking tired of being alone.

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