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Jackie (hazelangel) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 19:18:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:The sound of the playoffs PATS ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL!

    ~*~My DrEaM~*~
    This is my psychotic dream I had running around with Jessi. First it had to do with these secret places. There were these little like oasis in the forest like they were water islands or something odd like that. They all had pools and everyone was getting pulled to them with oxygen tubes up there noses, but they didn’t need them because I was fine with out one. So anyway I met up with Jessi as she was being pulled away with a thing up her nose I said “Can I go swimming in the pool?” so she responded like a zombie “No its the mistresses turn to have control of the pool its the championship title”. I looked over the water and saw these like "sea monkey" people, but human sized. They were not real ones but the one’s in cartoons, and then Jessi was like lets go and I think she had ripped out the oxygen tube so we ran away to this Indian guy and he was telling us about, I don’t even know, some far away place (I think he was high) and was like come with me just run across this log because we were still in the forest and we ran across this “log” but really it was like the grass bumped up in the shape of a log so we ran running and I was like a weird outdoor hallway because I looked over to the sides and there were streams of light that looked like windows but more like a door way with people made out of light (they were light blue so that you could see the difference from the other light) moving around and trying to catch us or just get out, like they wanted help but Jessi and I just kept on running away. He had to have been high because we ended up at this big white building that I have been to in previous dreams and was defiantly not a far away mystical land... Okay so suddenly we are on a balcony in there and Jessi jumps the ledge and is like haha this is easy and scampers across the ledge on the outside of the balcony. I ran the other way because I was in flip flops. While I was running through hallways Jessi was calling at me “Why didn’t you just jump?” but I just ignored her trying to figure out where she would end up. I had been in this hallway before in other dreams actually I normally have sequels to my dreams. I had been in the hallways before so I knew where to go and there were like stairs and twist everywhere but I knew the right one to go on and ended up in a room with Jessi. Now this is the weirdest thing (in a dream before I had dreamt that Lindsey and Brandon were switching rooms and Brandon in real life wont stop telling me about how he wants a new rug in his room) okay so it was like an apartment (been there before) and like Jessi was telling me how the rooms were Lindsey’s and Brandon’s and they had finally switched now this is like the creepiest thing I was so into this dream, I went into Lindsey’s and put my stuff down and was like oh nice and then went into Brandon’s and screamed OMG HE GOT A NEW RUG and bent down and like grabbed the rug and it was like brown and fluffy so I could hold it in my hand with out like pulling it out, I don’t know it was one weird ass carpet and I was like all excited. Then the door bell rang and I was like I think its Matt and it was and I see Steve peak out from this other room like he literally leaned back in his chair or something and I was like WHERE DID YOU COME FROM AHHHH! Then out of the kitchen comes this kid Sam and (I don’t know how I knew this but he’s this neighbor hood kid with some odd disease whose always at Jessi’s house and after dinner always has to eat this 3-d star chocolate thingy) he was like littlish probably 12 so all these people are here NONE related to Jessi therefore having no reason to be there and I am still trying to figure out how Steve got INTO the house if Jessi was with me the whole time well Matt was like here Steve Chris wanted me to give you this and left and I was like oh my god thank you (I hate matt) so I sit down on the ground with Jessi and there is this TV with a cable box and she was playing some game but then stopped and I saw she was holding a remote I don’t even want to know but it was some like lord of the rings game I am sure and then she was like switching the channels but like not seeing what it was then like the radio came on and we saw this like bar thing for controlling the sound and I was like whoa cool and I don’t know if it was Steve or an orange cat but it was like oh I’ll move and it WASNT there before and then Steve sat down next to me eating NECO wafers and I don’t even know HOW the conversation came up but I showed him my cool rainbows I had put on my ankles and wrists before in the dream but I forget where so I didn’t state that earlier and then Steve’s like WOAH here and gave me the wrapper which oddly HAD A RAINBOW on it so I put it on my belly but I was looking at it and it said like something like:
    "Chris @
    for Jacqueline"
    That was all I could read and I was like Steve it has my name on it (knowing it was for me) and he laughed and was like ummmmmmm sorry? and backed away a little and I kind of hit him jokingly and was like you asshole and Jessi’s mom came home and I was like oh hi and like Steve reached across me and I knew he was putting the wafers there and I looked down and I saw two and I was like awww thanks and then a table appeared right where we were sitting on the ground and suddenly we were all upright and like in chairs…it was screwed up, and we got dinner and this kid Sam had a mountain of a meal it was like a whole turkey mash potatoes and I don’t even know what else I couldn’t see it all and then his chocolate star that thing was huge and Sam is kind of not skinny he wasn’t fat just like a little chubby any way my mom woke me up but then I fell back to sleep because it was a crazy dream and I was back at the balcony and I was like screw running away and I kicked off my flip flops (that I only seem to have when I am on that balcony) and I looked down and was like well normally I am on the lower one but okay so I jumped over the ledge and grabbed this rope that came out of no where and propelled down like I don’t even know how I did it and it took like 5 min because it was such a long drop and I landed and was like hell yea and there were these cute guys I had never seen before at the top like rooting me on and I was like haha yes!!! And just threw the rope back up there and they grabbed on but then I woke up thinking I have to say thank you to Chris’s mom when I get on the bus Tuesday. It was so weird

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