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Chelsei (havocwreaker69) wrote,
@ 2003-09-19 22:27:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:'I Changed My Name' - Sugarcult

    holy shit i'm writing in the journal! like actually going to attempt to write in it! how screwed is that?

    well i had a soccer game... not too shabby. i wasnt supposed to play... but they put me in anyways... i got kicked in the face but its all good. and i got cleated in the left thigh *AND* its the 5th time someones kicked me in the ass... its getting really fuckin creepy now... lol

    we had them tied. 1-1 thru most of the game... they won 2-1... scored another goal last 2 minutes dammit! i'm the sweeper. i'm good. lol. the key defense is really me (Sweeper), Sara(h) (right wing), Tanya (Mid) and either Ashley (left mid) or Meg. seriously... Emily... no offense to her... but she needs to give other people a chance and stop fuckin getting in everyone elses way and hogging the ball. i mean honestly! i can understand most of the time, but today was insane!

    wow this is so random. i shouldnt rant about this. I like Emily shes really really cool and shes really nice... everyone on my team is. SHS JV SOCCER KICKS SO MUCH ASS! seriously.

    we play for the fun of it so its all good... win or loose... we're ok. duuuude.....!

    i want Nick. i really really miss him. tomorrow i am supposed to go to the mall... i should see if he can come... i hope he can.

    DUUUDE! (love that word) nick is so fucking awesome. i mean c'mon if you knew him like i do... wait nevermind... stay away he's mine! LMAO wow i'm like wired man! whoop whoop! been sitting on the PC since 5 and i'm still wired from the game... in pain, but wired... and not to mention, i need to shower. Fuck it, i'll shower in the morning

    you know who else rules? SANDRA! Sandra kicks so much fucking ass its not funny. shes gotta be one of the coolest people i know man! Steph too... shes awesome too and i've never personally met her, lol, but shes already better than the people up here... other than nick (DUH) sandra marcia sarah tanya tracy... and etc. lol anyways, i gotta go. i'm hungry, dirty and tired. nighty night -yawn-

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