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Chelsei (havocwreaker69) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 16:47:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:"Bloody Valentine" - Good Charlotte

    well... Saturday after the PSATs, i went to pick up my pictures from the concert. then i came home to get ready for the baby shower i had to go to ... and i didnt have to go. it turns out that my moms friend had a baby shower on sat. and my aunts was today. which sucks cause i was all in the mood to play cymbals and then i was just like YOU CANT BE SERIOUS ... w/e.

    When mom got home, she took me and my sister to garden city, where i got my new cell phone as a b-day present and a brand new CD player. my phone takes pics, sends pics, gets texts, e-mails, online, voice activated and EVERYTHING!!! its soo coool! and i get RINGTONES! -woot- hah.

    i dunno, but when i looked at my pics i was like OMG thats awesome. Tonys pic came out FANTASTIC... lol and i took a pic of the pic with my phone and its my background. -sighs- wow. every time i look at the pic itself i laugh. if you see it, you'll know why.

    Life has been going pretty good lately :-) i've been craving a double cheese burger from gnik regrub lately, but i havent gotten one. Thats the only thing i could think of during the PSATs lol. its kinda funny. anyways... i have to clean my room later -ugh-

    i dun wanna. but whatever. i hate cleaning my room. as long as i know where things are, then its fine. but whatever. makes mom happy and plus, i can see my friends. lol. My b-day is coming up... Nov. 6th. and my 6th mo. with my boyfriend too :-D oh yeah about him...

    i love my sexy hom. (inside joke) and you dont. he's mine. and you cant even begin to understand how i feel about him. heres something i dedicated for him that i liked soo much:
    Everyday That Goes By It Seems Like I Discover Something New about You To Love It's Incredible How One Person Can Make Such A *BIG* Difference In My Life You Touch Me In A Way No One Else Ever Has And Given Me So Many Reasons To Love you... I love you Nick, always and forever.

    not to mention, theres a song by MXPX called "Quit Your Life" which i absoloutely love. yeah... thats mah other song for him. MWAH, i love you Nick.

    anyways, food time... better go.

    *Rock On

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