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gin (hate_millie_gin) wrote,
@ 2005-04-03 21:49:00
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    Current mood: hot

    wow i learned stuff this weekend!!
    hahahaha stuff that youll never know!
    damn i need to stop drinking! i think im becoming an alcolholic... among many other problems (like bad spelling). why does it seem that im extremely depressed when im not drinking but when am im extremely happy and annoying??
    WOW that all makes sense now! everything has been put together like a puzzle! huh! well im not gunna leave that for the public to see, but if you wanna kno just ask and ill tell ya!!
    god im a dumbass
    why do you people put up with reading this garbage? its just mee raving about SHITTT!! but then again why the HELL do you put up with me? the world mayt never know...
    in the immortal words of andrea... 'LOVE ME!!' damn i am so perinoid! i dont even feel safe right now in my own home... that is soo sad! well i think weve discovered many things wrong with me today... how bout you?? e-mail me if you wanna! ill talk to you! itll be damn exciting
    wow is it sad that im treating this like im on a talk radio show?? im pretty much writing every thing that comes to my sad pathetic mind. chicken. barn yards are wierd. i think the next person that flirts with mee gets a free blowjob... or not.... dun dun dun!!! hahaha anybody that reads this, that doesnt know me, is gunna think im some pathetic 250 lb chick that is eating ice cream and petting her six cats while typing this.... funny shit!! well let them think so!
    hi my name is laney and i ummm have three friends but i have only met one the rest are on the internet... pfft of course ive done stuff! ive gone to second base, pfft no not in real life, ewww thats soo gross! why would i want to infect my clean mouth with some guys infected siliva?!? you know that kind of stuff causes cancer dont you?? DONT YOU?!?!?!

    damn im awesome!!
    hey if i have offended any poor soul out there then you can suck my balls or email me!!!

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