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Eris (harmniusdiskord) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 21:45:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:The crickets are chirping. I think those are crickets...

    My head hurts, so I won't write much tonight. (and the crowd goes wild!)

    Today was pretty good. I decided to get a tall white mocha this morning before going to school. Usually sugar will make me sleepy and caffiene will make me jittery, but for some reason, there's enough sugar in the white mocha to balance out most of the caffiene in the espresso, so I'm awake. It's awesome! Anyway, I got into psychology class, and sat for about 5 minutes (I was like 15 minutes early) when Courtney walked in. I watched her walk in and sit in the same spot she sat in last time, right up against the wall. I was pretty sure she saw me, so I figured she just didn't want to hang out like we did in highschool. I thought, "Hey, whatever." I finished my white mocha and got up to throw it away and get a drink (all that milk makes me so thirsty!) and she saw me get up. I heard her say my name, and turned around to see her smile. It turns out she just didn't see me. She moved over next to me and after I got my drink, we talked until class started. She needs rides to and from school (no big deal, she's right on the way - I actually thought of that last time, but I had already left before I thought of it), so her dad's gonna pay me to be her transportation (sweet!). So I guess all those self-delusions were just what they are. Self-delusions.

    I went to math class tonight and actually stayed. When I got there, there were three new people there. I guess they transferred or something. I don't know. Anyway, I overheard her telling them the same thing she told us - that attendance was optional, but she preferred that they come to class, because the ones that come to class succeed. Ok, that's kind of bullshit, because the only thing we can do in class that we can't do anywhere else is have her answer our questions. So IF I need to ask questions, I SHOULD attend class. And I will. And actually, I think I may just stay for a while and study outside. I love evening classes. It's not too dark outside at 6:30, and as long as it's not raining, it's a nice place to study and/or do some mathwork. Ahhh...

    So everything looks pretty bright and cheery right now. I know, it can't last too much longer. Buzz off. XD

    Oh yeah, I finally got everything on my laptop (yay!). Now I just need to find out how to turn down the damn brightness... Xp

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