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YourShallowLove (hardlucklipstic) wrote,
@ 2004-11-03 19:56:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:The Scrubbing of a brush on concrete

    Jean-Paul is a dick. I hope he suffers and cries the way he made me cry
    I've been talking to this new guy, Hes rad. In many ways....


    I know this other boy.... my god hes so beautiful and such a sweet soul...
    Why must love mock me by making the one boy id die for, across the US
    I want to fly him out here so i can love him ... Hes a cutter too....
    I want to see his blood smeared on mine....

    such animosity in the world today...
    I had fear of loosing my friend to a guy, and i lost her to a girl instead...
    I fucking hate friends... They all need to leave me alone...
    Id rather lay in the dark and cry...

    Still havent heard from brian... its been about a week and a half...
    I miss him so much... we had so much fun... and hes just up and left..
    Wondering if hes missing me is torture...
    We we're just starting to click.. and now hes gone...

    Everyones gone now.... and i cant help but wish that i wouldnt
    wake up one morning... and just leave my life...
    I would miss this place... waking up warm on cold mornings...

    Please someone just fill my void so i can attempt a life...

    "Ive always loved you... " "ditto" "Its amazing, the love inside,
    you take it with you... it never stops.. "

    - this movie makes me cry like a little bitch *sniffles*

    Im scared mark will go too far and hurt himself.... I dont know what
    id do if i lost him.... such a remarkable person... his passion is so deep
    I cant help but cry because i know how it feels to feel so passionate
    about love and loss...

    He says he loves me...
    Hes so beautiful... red hair...brown eyes that light up my heart...
    ....god why cant i have him ...

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