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hannah (hansxo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-28 07:08:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:every breath you take - the police <33

    " 10 layers ! " - julia
    yesterday :

    it was thanksgiving ... and i had a pretty good time ! first, i woke up from the zito`s house, because after the bonfire i just went there. so when i woke up, danni and i just talked for an hour, and then my dad picked me up and we went to dunkin` donuts. then we went home and had an hour to get ready. when we got to my grandma`s, i was literally attacked by julia, and we started like, humping eachother hahh. after a while though, i started to get a really bad stomach ache and ended up taking a two hour nap. insiders ...
    <3 i`m playing soccer !!
    <3 so i can tackle henry ?!
    <3 henry teaching me to wrestle
    <3 playing dress up with sherrif hats lmao
    <3 the jump rope is our guy lasso lol julia
    <3 thong weggie !
    <3 MY turn at the big chair !
    <3 counting the onion layers
    <3 I DON`T NEED ANYONE TO CUT MY TURKEY !! julia .. can you cut my turkey ?!
    <3 ben`s attacking me !!
    <3 swinging on julia`s shoulder lmao

    then i went to my other grandma`s after that. i HATE it there. everyone smokes and drinks and it smells like shit. their kids are maniacs and cough in my face non - stop. it`s gross there. so i left as soon as i could, which was about an hour after i came. then chris called me ... and unfortunatly is extremely sick, and blew his fricking nose into the phone. nasty .. gross gross gross.

    today :
    idk what i`m doing today .. i think i`m probably doing something with the annes so yay to that !! woohoo !!

    xoxx bye bye

    <3 hannah

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