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Jemmah. (halogen) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 10:39:00
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    Current mood:bored as fufufuck +sigh+
    Current music:nooonneee :(

    im still alive everyone ;)
    i made a GJ so if ya wanna add methen go ahead :) uhhmm... im gonna be using one of my old EA accounts just so i can read friends journals. so if a random name just adds you, it's meeeeeeeeee :D:D so add me back. i might be making a new live journal too.. oh yeh, if anyone wants a livejournal i've got brack1sh, xtwiggyxcobainx, _b1tch and ___yrlush :) so yeah. email me and i'll give you one, first come first serve tho :P. im in ICT, and im bored.. i msged cieran on fw, telling him that im gonna try to get to manchester on friday :) and that he's gotta meet me there, lol :) uhm, luc called me on saturday. i was supposed to see ffaf but my mum was a bitch and decided to not let me go. was meanta meet tom too on saturday but because of time and shit i didnt. i went chris' on saturday night with nikkie for about an hour.. uhmmmm......... im gonna re-dye my hair. might do it a purpley color. might just redo it black again. my nails are growing. ive got pink eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner on. hah im being random. wanna see random new(ish) pictures of meh? go here here :) i cant see why'd ya wanna for that matter, lol. kate is bitching about how many teachers there are in the room lol. uhhh.. im bored. i want a preddy thumb ring, anyone wanna buy me one? ;) heheh. i got a new watch last week and its blue with a purple monkey on and the time is all big and digital (but not 24hr) so its easy for me to tell the tiiimmeee :) i got 2 new headbands on saturday too.. one is just plain black and the other is black and turqouisey zigzags, tis tres preddyful :) im gonna go now, i think i need to print some work off.. BYE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx +giggles+

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