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Ashley (gymboree123) wrote,
@ 2003-10-18 15:46:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:holes, cousins screaming...*sigh*

    random thoughts
    yay!!! my uncle gordon from AZ is here!! me and my grandpa picked him up from the airport at 1:00. me, nicole, john, uncle gordon, my grandma, and my grandpa are at my grandma and grandpas and right now im waiting for AUSTIN FOBAR to get online. the rest of the ppl are outside golfing or inside watching holes. i dont like holes. actually i havent watched it yet but still. *sigh* exactly one week ago was my bday party. it was SO fun. me, crystal king, ally kostiniuk, jenny kohler, andrea feurtado, michelle beal, alyssa long, candice van belois, leah barry, elle deagle, matt williams, matt konopka, austin dallesandro, alex kim, kevin konopka, and chloe lakind were here and we had SOOO much fun. i wonder if illl go to the dance w/ anyone. im gonna try not asking anyone this dance. its in 13 days, halloweens in 14. im not dressing up but im wearing a mask so i can get candy. lol. tonight i was gonna go w/ my mom, her bf, my aunt and uncle to this haunted house thing but my aunt and uncle decided to paint so im stuck here unless my dad calls back and says i can come over. my mom and her bf *clears throught* need some ALONE time. lol. 11 ppl are online (including me) but 7 are away. im SO BORED!!!!! maybe a miracle will happen and someone will call and make plans w/ me or ppl will get online and ill be really busy talking to ppl. i HIGHLY doubt that. im talking to alex kim right now. i would be going to my dads this wekend if his DRUNKEN PREGNANT GF wouldnt have got out of jail. that just proves how stupid and nice my dad is. he thinks he got her pregnant (i KNOW he didnt) and he could leave her since shes a lying peice of crap but he decides not to because it would be un-manly like to leave a pregnant woman, even if she hit him on the head w/ a glass ashtray when she was drunk (and pregnant) and he had to go to the ER. he is SO IMMATURE. but i love him! =) ok im gonna go now i rean out of thoughts. maybe il go take quizzes or call my friends, idn. BYE =)

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