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Ashley (gymboree123) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 15:08:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:stacys mom

    today and yesterday and sunday
    sunday i was online all day after uncle gordon went back to his home in AZ. yesterday in 1st hr we played bball, in science we watched a video on the scientific method. i woulda fell asleep if we didnt have to take notes since we had a sub. ugh. in ind living me and katie made our candy. I MADE LEMON and katie made watermelon, we spilt them both in half. in LA we started our new paper thing...on persuasive ppl. in GS we took notes w/ a mean sub. me and alyssa wrote notes all hour to eachother about austin. in prealgebra we took notes (duh) and did our hw. after school i went to grammas and then went hm and went online. today in gym i had the wrong shoes so i couldnt participate (like i would want to). in science we had an easy lab and i was jenny xu's partner. she did all the work. lol. in ind living i helped alyssa tracy make her candy. she made cherry but it was really strong cuz she put a lot of food coloring in. i had some of raphaels (banana) and it was the best. better than MY lemon...sorry. i had some of jake simmons cherry and it was good too. in LA we worked on our paper things and had a monsters are due on maple street pretest. in GS we had to write this thing on if we were in our assigned class in egypt (i was 2nd class). in math we had to take notes. we didnt have hw. after school i got on the wrong bus cuz im used to my bus being last but i saw cody and i was like "this isnt my bus" and i found my bus. now im here and im bored and i just blocked alyssa cuz shes making me sad. now i unblocked her cuz i feel bad. lol im weird, i know. ok im gonna go now. bye.

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