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Gwënniê® (gwennie) wrote,
@ 2012-07-21 22:23:00
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    Being single at this grand old age still
    I attended the wedding of my cousin's daughter today and at the lunch reception thereafter, i was 'stuck' at the table with another of my aunt who then took the opportunity to ask when's my turn and when will i bring someone to show hem. Her daughter, who was another of my cousin and was at the same table, tried to tone down her mother's tactlessness when she heard that but i replied that how to bring anyone home when there isn't anyone to bring in the first place. On that, my aunt said it must be my high standards ladida, something which i had expected coz it must always be something about me that is hindering my own prospects and i had to stop myself from rolling my eyes in front of her.

    Well in a way, it is those darn standards in the way i suppose. I mean, nobody i've met or known in recent times met my so-called 'high' 'standard' standards, so to speak for some; no chemistry with others. So what am i supposed to do! Ok granted that i don't meet alot of 'eligible' prospects to begin with (ironically, considering my second and current jobs have had/have more 'potentials') but what am i to do when i don't meet any one that who will make me feel that i have butterflies-in-my-tummy? I can't force things that are not meant to be can i? Yes so i am guilty of not being pro-active but when i am at this comfortable stage of sustaining myself well enough and have enough of family and friends' loving to get me going, cut me some slack already can?

    It's not the end of the world being single, is it?

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