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Gwënniê® (gwennie) wrote,
@ 2011-12-13 12:44:00
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    Current mood:miserable

    Before i went for my wisdom tooth extraction, i was a bundle of nerves. Right from the time i made the appointment, the nerves built up in a spiral, pinnacling (if there is even such a word) this morning when i woke. Despite everyone assuring me that it's ok or that it's not too bad or it's be over before i knew it, i couldn't get myself to be all calm and zen. A cool cucumber that is.

    So despite my cool and nonchalant demeanour on the train to Amara belies the butterflies that fluttered in my stummy. I'm a tense person by nature and the tension built up right till i sat on the chair, have three to four shots of LA injected into my gums and the drilling sounds that seemed to go on forever non stop and the horrifying incessant pull/tugs/pressure as my dentist attempted to get my thick boned tooth out from where it resided happily (decaying some). Yes the tooth was too thick and sturdy which took alot of drilling to slice it into parts to get it out and no amount of music blasting into my ears can mask the drilling so i decided that the sounds wasn't the worst: the tugging was, especially when the tooth is simply too contented with being embedded in and refuses to come out! Which was why the surgery took slightly over and hour long and there i was, stuck on the chair all tensed up for the duration.

    The best part was that i actually took a train home instead of the cab and was busy swallowing bloodied saliva in so as not to drool unglamorously out in the public. As i was walking back, i felt the LA wearing off and needed to get myself back in time to change the gauze and take a heavy duty painkiller, as instructed by my dentist. It hurt like fuck when i opened my mouth slightly wider just to change the gauze so whoever said that it doesn't feel that bad or doesn't need painkillers have my respect.

    And guess what? The spaz that is me was in a hurry to change the gauze and take the painkillers that it didn't occur to me to take the antibiotics and anti-swelling medicine at the same time. Which means another round of opening my mouth and perhaps changing gauze i.e. suffer the pain again. Way to go, me. Too smart for my own good.

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