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Gwënniê® (gwennie) wrote,
@ 2011-11-05 20:15:00
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    Current mood: sad

    A great man
    Steve Jobs [1955 - 2011]

    Dear Mr Jobs,

    You have my utmost thanks and gratitude for my (limited but sufficient range of) Apple products, namely, the iPod Classic (2G i think), the iPod Nano and most recently, the iPhone.

    When i got my first iPod, i was brimming with pride. Why ever not? It was somewhat of a status symbol to have one back then i suppose and a state of progression, from Aiwa and Sony walkmans to tuner-styled FM receiver to the kind of FM receiver we have now that auto-detects radio stations. It was rather a brick, being an earlier design and i remembered bringing it out along with my FM receiver so that i have the option of switching to my own tunes whenever i fancy. Or on MRT trains underground where no signals can be received for the FM receiver. In time, i took the iPod out less and less, coz it was bulky (relative to the FM receiver) and mostly when i needed to travel long distances or when i went overseas. No doubt that there was a particular accessory i could have bought and attached to the iPod to enjoy the FM receiver function and i would have bought it too, had it been compatible with my 2G. Well, it wasn't and so that was it.

    With the extensive range of Apple products released every year, it was only a matter of time that an iPod with a FM receiver function incorporated gets invented. Indeed, good things come to those who wait. It took me a few more battery-operated FM receiver before the Nano with the FM receiver function was released. One can only imagine my glee when news of this minute player was released and i waited in keen anticipation. Soon, after years of wait patiently, i got my Nano. Gifted it was and it has since became an essential staple in my daily commute to work and everywhere else. It gave me the option to listen to the live radio and having the alternative to switch to my own music at my whims and fancy, especially when i disagree with all that's being played on the radio stations. It also gave me the functions of video-recording and sharing photos but well, i admit (sheepishly) that those two are totally under utilised. I rather like my Nano to be what it is set out to be and that's to play me music. Tis' good enough for me.

    My third and latest Apple was the iPhone and it was one that almost didn't make my list, had it not been the disappointing mechanical setups of Sony Ericsson mobiles. I have loved the Cybershot range of mobiles but they have been disappointing and repeated visits to service centre resulted in my decision to make that change to a smartphone. It was either a BB or an iPhone and no points for guessing which won my heart eventually, so much so that i paid a hundred or so bucks extra coz i hadn't reach that period in my telco contract to be able to upgrade my phone at no cost. Like the first time i got my iPod, i was so proud to have gotten my hands on the iPhone 4. Not at the early adopter stage but near there if i can recall correctly, coz i remember getting it when stocks were replenished after the first round of OOS. I treated it like a precious with so many cases, cheap and expensive to 'adorn' and 'dress up'. And i could just about hear my heart break on the few occasions that the klutz that is me dropped it. How i love being able to access everything, from social media to my mails to even bus timings while on the move. Which totally changed my travelling style since my preferences have shifted to selecting accomodations with wifi and/or identifying spots offering free wifi in my overseas destinations. That certainly made travelling much more convenient and i need not spend too much on SMS when i can WhatsApp those (or most who matters) whenever i have access.

    It was through the social media of Facebook that i found out about your passing and that first look at a friend's post off the WSJ jolted me awake from my medicine-induced grogginess. I thought to check Twitter immediately (oh yes, another social media platform), for i follow news which provide accurate and reliable tweets; i had wanted confirmation and that it was not at all a hoax. True enough, it was no hoax. You left us and this brilliant and ever-growing and changing legacy this morning. While waiting at the bus stop, i read on the various tweets and articles and almost teared. You are synonymous with Apple; Apple is Steve Jobs. You redefined the world with your first invention and the subsequent ones that followed. Your vision and your propensity for change and innovation was one-of-a-kind, and i wonder, or rather, i hope that your successor, Tim Cook, will build on this awesome company that you had started. Tall orders or big shoes to fill, some might say and i am sure he will be able to. After all, you have selected him, haven't you?

    I may not be the ultimate Apple nut as compared to most out there, regardless, i thank you for all that you have given us today. And maybe, just maybe, in time, i will convert to a Mac, who knows.

    Tribute from Apple

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