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the first song on your mix tape (gusterbabe88) wrote,
@ 2003-07-15 22:09:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Kelly Clarkson-Miss Independant

    *I'm HaPpY*..sorta..
    i went to ashley's for a while, cuz we were gonna walk to the library. cuz she going to boston with her mom on thursday so she wanted something to read. it all went fine until james came over... i like james, so we thought it was a "good idea". little did we know ash's dad was comming home an hour early, at 4 insted of 5... and he walks throo the door with james having no way out. ash's parents are strict and shes not exactly allowed to have guys over. so her dad played it cool and when ash went in the other room he was like "we'll talk later" and gave me that smile as if to say "yay i get to kill you later"..and i feel bad, and now shes grounded, and i feel soo bad, becuz we never thought her dad would come home early, i tried soo ahrd to cheer her up ya no..and i dont no anymore...

    Well i hung out w/ james it was fun, me n ash tried to skateboard..and hwen ash went in to get sneakers i got on it and james pushed me it was funny, then he pushed it soo i fell but he caught me soo its all good, but hwne were just hanging out on ashleys couch n we were cuddling, lol n i loved it, now he tried to make out w/ me, but being tara i psuhed him away, and ya ive done that alot, but no that we;re thinking about it, hes happy n so am i cuz he was surprised but even if i do like him i didnt wanna cuz im not going out w/ him and i wouldnt wanna mess up anything and the girl he really likes, soo yeah, but today was good up until ash's dad came home, i cheered her up w/ my booty shakes, i feel bad though, but i love her to death and she knows it soo hopefully everything will be ok..

    and i like keith a wicked lot i addimite it finally, i really do, i really do like him..

    well im gonna go ZOX CONCERT TOMORROW!!!! :o)

    love you*

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