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Savanna Banana (guitarchicka) wrote,
@ 2004-06-13 22:22:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Story of the Year: Anthem of Our Dying Day

    Well, the past few weeks have been interesting. First there was exams, which went pretty well cept my mom was really angry at me and wouldn't aknowledge my existance. I got a 92% on my bio exam tho, so that's good.

    Well, on the 11th I left for VA with Sarah, Jorf, and Britany Allen to go to Sarah's g-parent's house. Sounds lame, but that house is on like 50 acres, it's the size of 3 of my houses, and it's got an elevator as well as other neat things like a waterfall in the pool. Dern rich old people, lol. Well, once we got there we had to get ready to go to the Blink 182/No Doubt concert at the Nissan Pavillion. We were grabbin some pizza when Brit saw a limo pull up the mile long driveway, and Sarah's mom sed it was our ride. We drove like an hour in traffic to get to the concert, but the limo was hella awsome. Sarah called Maddie on HFS and sang him Blink's song "Rockshow" but he hung up on her. lmao We got there and got soaking wet cuz it was raining and it was an outdoor concert. We missed The Living End (the warm up band) but it was cool cuz we got to see all of Blink and ND's shows. ND started with Gwen standing on this little outcropping on our side of the stage singin "I'm just a girl" We screamed sooo loud... Gwen was doing cartwheels all over the place, and the jamacan guy was dancin like a fool. It made me laugh soooo hard tho cuz Gwen kept on cussing at us, and not one of their songs has anything explicit in it. She was like, "I fucking love you guys! You fucking rock!" And when she asked us to sing a verse to a song she sed "You can do fucking better than that you fuckers!" Yep. Blink got up and played pretty well--the older songs they played were better. Mark was funny! He stopped in the middle of a song and said "Doesn't Tom have a superman perfect smile?" and the camera zoomed in on his teeth. Sarah was screaming stuff like 'Tom I wanna have your babies' which creeped the ppl around us out, lol. I got a Blink hoodie, and grabbed a few free condoms for novelty from the guy screaming "BE SAFE!" and went home in the limo. We spent the next day fooling around the mansion (we made a Jackass-esk movie) and swimming in the pool. We got attacked by cicadas and Sarah drove the golf cart into a ditch...GOOD TIMES!!!

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