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~*~DaNieLa~*~ (guijarra) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 00:12:00
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    Current mood: grumpy
    Current music:*Crack, PoP* - Broken Jaw

    iDiA dE gRaCiAs!
    Ok, so i'm really sleepy, but since i haven't really WRITTEN anything in here lately, i feel it my duty to those of you that really do read this... :) you guys rock, just to let ya know...
    So yeah... wow... idk where to start. i MUST be pms-ing this week, cuz i've been super bitchy, but ya know what? i kinda like this side of me. not that people don't think i'm bitchy every OTHER day, but... still... the people who matter love me for that bitch that i am, so... does it really matter what others think? no... didn't think so! (As i always tell paige "i'm a bad person" and her comment was, "ya know, you always SAY that, but ya never do anything to change it..." LoL that's right, cuz ya know what? I DON'T CARE!! if you don't like me, blow me... isn't that in a song?! So yeah... i totally snapped at the Student Senate meeting cuz people are so DAMN disrespectful and i hate it... it's ridiculous. half the people didn't even show up for the meeting, and the majority of those people were officers, not even regular senators! so yeah, then all the people who we had to take time out and go to the office and call them down and stuff, were sitting there talking while harpreet was trying to talk and then even Mr. Smith was talking, so i snapped. pretty sure i turned bright red, but i was pissed. then ricardo wynn was like, "oh no..." like he's SOMEBODY! ok, you're on academic probation, YOU SHOULD NOT BE TALKING! so yeah, i snapped and i ever pointed out Mr. Smith for being in the wrong. Paige gave me a high five in the hall and the sophomores applauded me (i really do love my sophmo-s! <-- that's the new abbr., just so ya know!)
    so... yeah, then there's all this drama with the freshman, and it's ridiculous. Ok, so it's just Jaime and Melyssa, but... it's outta control. i saw Jaime cryin in the hall and then i went online after school and Melyssa was on. Ok, so Mel is claiming that everyone is spreading her shit... interesting cuz the next day brenda ims me and is like, "why'd you snap on Melyssa?" Hrm, who could have said THAT? only person in that conversation was Melyssa (other than me) so who could've told... for someone who doesn't want her shit around, she seems to be spreading it quite nicely, ESPECIALLY SINCE SHE'S WRONG! ok, when i snap, i snap, and you know it. if what i said to her she thinks was "snapping" she knows less about me than i thought... trust me, if i were to "snap" people in China would be complaining. AND, i don't think that she realizes, when ya go to MSL, shit spreads... FAST! there are only so many people in the school and 99% of them have the biggest mouths ever, so... if you don't watch who you say stuff to (or just AROUND for that matter) it'll be around the school by the next hour, and that's not even an exaggeration. So.. whatever. i could care less, i really could.
    Today wasn't all that bad. After school i gave kelly and sean a ride to mayfair, then me and paige went to cash my checks, we picked the boys back up, got some gas and took them home. it was cool. i love my kelly... then they thought i was mad at them... whatever. people always assume that when i'm mad or just quiet, that i'm angry with them... 9 times out of 10, it's not you i'm upset with (if i'm even upset to begin with) so don't make assumptions... please people. but yeah... when we walked out of school, kelly put his arm around me and was like, "i didn't get to see you much today" and i was like, "you did just as much as any other day" and he was like, "except for lunch... i had to take a test" and i was like, "not my fault" and he was like, "i know" LoL he's cute... then yesterday he was angry with me cuz i "left him" but that's not even the case. i asked if he wanted to go to my locker with me and he was spacing, so i said "ok guys, i'll brb" and he sat there, so i left. then when i come back "WHERE'D YOU GO?! you just left me like that"... OK!?! Earth to kelly, i asked, more than once. he told me i should've slapped him, cuz he was spacing... umm... no? LoL
    Sarah San is sick... it's her tonsels... i'm thinkin' tonsel-itis or however you spell it, but (1) i haven't SEEN them and (2) i'm not a doctor, so what do i know?! LoL... idk, i hope she gets better soon though and off grounding cuz i miss my sarah san! i haven't seen her since MONDAY! it's crazy!
    i have a busy weekend ahead of me... Tomorrow is Turkey Day (woo hoo) well...actually today since it's now after midnight, but hey, so that's exciting. gonna wake up, take a shower, make an appearance at my aunts, then come back here to spend time with my immediate family... then i'll go to bed. LoL then Friday we're going shopping as we do every year (yay!) and paige is coming. i'm really excited about that, cuz i'm not sure how long Krystal is going to be able to stay and i really don't want to be the only "kid" (even though i'm an adult now! :( TEAR!) so yeah... i love paige though. So yeah and then that will take all day... Saturday then i'm going to visit my baby... :) *he called today, gotta note on that in a min* and Sunday i have to catch up on my sketches and read some Hamlet... blah! LoL. But yeah, so... it doesn't SEEM like that much, but it will be, i can assure you.
    So yeah, marvin called... i love him! LoL we were just talking and it seemed like we had all the time in the world, which is a good thing, cuz normally the time goes by so fast and it's sad. (like when i visited him, it seemed like the time went slower, and that's good, cuz i hate to leave him) but yeah... he told me good things and i was happy. he sent me a Thanksgiving card and when i go visit him, we're (hopefully) going to get our picture taken! woo hoo! i'm excited about that. :) i love my boy! then he was telling me how this one guy when i visited last week was asking him something (which i don't wanna talk about on here) but he was OBVIOUSLY looking at my ass to ask what he did, and... i'm kinda uncomfortable with that. like, HELLO?! AND you're going to tell my BOYFRIEND that you were lookin' at my ass... hrm, don't know if that's such a good idea, but since Marvin laughed, i guess it's ok! :) LoL... but still... uncomfortable about that... hehe
    Umm... so... ok. i'm really tired, so i think i'm going to hit the hay. Take care people, and thanks for readin! :)

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