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~*~DaNieLa~*~ (guijarra) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 15:44:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:*Judge Judy* - Kick @$$

    *hum di hum dum dum*
    So yeah... not much is going on... i'm EXTREMELY bored as Paige is in cheerleading practice and i have no other friends, so... yeah! *Sarah San is grounded, and i have the feeling Kelly is just sick of me...* i SHOULD be reading for English as i have to present on... Thursday and have yet to finish the book, let alone actually DO the assignment... hahaha... what cha gonna do?!
    People, who shall remain nameless, DRIVE ME INSANE! Ok, so it's just ONE person that really gets under my skin, but regardless... i really can't stand this person. THEY make me so angry... the attention always has to be on them and if someone says ANYTHING they have to butt their STUPID SELF in... it makes me angry. Then, this person wants everything in the world from me, *ok, that's a little exaggerated,but... still* yet then talks to me only when i am a convience or am needed in someway. that's BULL SHIT and i'm sick of it... it for real pisses me off and i'm not going to take it anymore... why should i?! why should i be ANYONE'S bitch, especially someone i don't even like... i'm not going to lie, i front to their face and act all sweet, but... whatever. i'm not trying to make enemies, i'm just trying to escape, and the end will not come soon enough, i tell you that now.
    OoOh, Oprah's on and Julia Roberts is on... she's awesome, AND we have the same birthday... ROCK ON! *julia stiles is coming on too! woo hoo* so yes, i suppose i will go and watch oprah to overcome my boredom... rock on peoplez

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