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guiderius893 (guiderius893) wrote,
@ 2011-08-23 23:39:00
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    Current mood:disappointed

    Facebook is moving to iframes-6 factors for marketers to smile about!
    In February 2011 Facebook Inc. announced they are going to move away from FBML to iframes.In this article you are about to learn how you might be going to benefit from this alter and what are the potential positive aspects it offers to a Facebook marketer.

    What is iframes and its benefits for fan pages
    Iframes is a new technology, which enables information from external source like a web site, to be placed on fan pages.Iframes also makes it possible for more flexibility for marketers on how data is shared and tracked on fan pages. In short, iframes delivers marketers to promote information in much more creative ways.
    1) Use our own CSS to create cool looking fanpages
    The earlier version of fanpages created employing FBML didnt permit lot of flexibility in content display. People could not display content just like they wished, making use of FBML fan pages. Now using the help of our own CSS we can display fanpages just like we wish to promote our brand or produce theme related to our niche.
    two) Use of Google analytics code
    Every marketer knows the significance of tracking visitors and analyzing the visitor data. Using the new iframes, it truly is really easy to add your personal JavaScript or php or any other script. This way we are able to track essential states of our fan pages like quantity of visitors and the bounce rate of our fan pages
    three) Use Google web optimizer
    Each marketer would know the significance of google web optimizer. The iframes technology enables us to utilize Google web optimizer to test entire fan page ot a segment of fan page. This way we are able to tweak our fan page accordingly to increase conversions. Google internet optimizer is possibly the very best analytics program to track performance of Facebook fanpages.
    four) Saves time and assists in a lot more testing
    Before iframes had been introduced, marketers had to generate many landing pages employing FBML code. Using the assist of iframes it truly is simple to test many landing pages with out spending a good deal of time. Given that we are embedding the information i.e. landing page from your web site, on the fanpage it's less complicated for us to test out numerous landing pages to see which one of the most converting ones are.
    five) Capability to use several programming languages
    Fanpages created using FBML code offered really small room for creativity. Not all programming languages code be utilised to make fanpages work. Now 1 has the flexibility of employing a number of programming languages like ASP,PHP and java scripts.To make fanpages much more appealing ,iframes makes it possible for us to utilize flash animations also. Flash animations assists marketers generate visually appealing ads which have a tendency to convert far more and enhance sales.
    6) Creation of ecommerce cart
    Yes you can literally promote your shopping cart site inside facebook now! This is probably single most essential benefit of iframe fanpages.Let us say you're promoting pet niche. You can produce a number of fanpages on pet cloths, pet shampoo, pet food along with other pet accessories. It is possible to also embed your shopping cart site which promotes pet items inside Facebook. This way you might have the opportunity to showcase your website in front of a huge quantity of targeted individuals.

    There you go! You're now aware of all the prospective solutions to benefit from this incredible feature in Facebook!

    For more information, check out facebook banners

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