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Mariella (guan66) wrote,
@ 2005-06-26 23:33:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Teairra Marie f/ Jay-Z - Make a girl feel (dload this, it's the new shizzle)

    Fun Weekend!!!
    Fun times this weekend...

    don't feel like typing too much, just gonna post pics.

    Friday night me and the guys...yes, no girls...not yet at least. Story of my life huh?
    Anyways, we went across the street to Wild Wing and it was a great hammered time!!! haha.

    So who are these guys? Well these are my work buddies. The only guys there MY AGE! Joe and Nick (I think he's taking the picture hence the awkward pose ;) Anyways they were walking over to my place...drunk of course :)

    Here's me and Justin walking over to the bar ...keep in mind we are pretty trashed. Good pic though huh?

    LOL...And I made Nick take this one...I had to post it...hehe
    Lance: you would appreciate this shirt :)

    and one more pic....TOTALLY WASTED: They don't even remember taking this picture!

    Joe, me, and Nick. Nice smile there Joe. lol ;)

    Saturday night we went out again but it wasn't as hardcore. Kinda rainy and I was sooo tired. Have pics of that too, just waiting on Justin to upload.

    NEXT WEEKEND, D.C.!!! Can't wait to celebrate with my babe :)

    Peace Up, A-town
    I'm out homies fo shizzle

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