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steven (gtjackets1729) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 22:26:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:die trying- words that kill

    and he updates...
    i have been thinking about updating this thing for awhile but havent felt like it until now...its not like anyone has been missing out on anything though cause my life has sucked the past couple of weeks...
    ill start out with rehab, which is definately not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, in fact it is actually kind of fun...the only part i hate is stretching my knee out which hurts cause everytime they push it farther than it is suppose to go...other than that i get to catch a soccer ball, throw a ball against a trampoline while balancing on my left leg, ride the bike, do leg presses, and play this maze game with my feet...thats probably the only thing i enjoy doing..going to rehab that is...
    yesterday was one of the worst days ive had in awhile...i got a 66 on a physics test, i hate ms maculley..she doesnt teach jack then gives us a test on everything we are "suppose" to know...yeah fuck lit i got another 66 on a vocab test in which all the questions didnt give any clues to what the word was..they were like i am ____? cept not that easy...and the teacher doesnt care either...wonderful.. after school went to get my hair cut and the lady completely screwed my hair up...fuck you i come home and cut it some more and it looks a little better but i still hate it..and then at night i end up doing nothing cause no one wants to do anything with me...what a day what a day...
    today i went to the doctor and he said i have the record for how i look after 3 im thinking yes, that is awesome...but then the doctor continues to say ..."and that is a bad thing" it means u are pushing to hard and we are going to have to slow you down"...great again..ive been working my ass off to heal my knee and the doctor says i should basically sit around and not do shit...ill pretend i didnt hear that, ill probably tear it again but i dont really care..he also said i cant swim till january...i dunno what im going to do..ive been doing some sort of sport every moment of every day of my life and now i cant do anything for another couple of months...oh well, i guess theres some reason for why this happened to me..i just havent found it yet.......

    my dad wants to go see his sister over thanksgiving..problem is her lake house is in missouri and he wants to leave friday, stay there saturday, and come back sunday..and when i tell him i dont htink thats going to work he gets all pissed...dont quite understand that...

    i need to fix my life..lately ive been working and trying to fix my knee to much..ive kinda neglected all my 2 friends and maybe thats why no one wants to do anything with me...ive got to fix all this stuff and stop being so worried about whats happening with me and kim...yea itd be nice if she would talk to me so we can try and work everything out but she wont and maybe i should just realize that...
    but i wont cause its to hard to let go of someone you care about so much
    even if they've screwed u over a million times
    its just too hard

    in other birthdays coming up (the 29th) so make sure to get me soemthing good

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