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* ; --> EMiLY (greggyg0tback) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 16:54:00
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    Current mood:crappy
    Current music:last resort - papa roach

    awesome dayyyy baby!
    ok well the greg concert was sooo awesome! ok well ill tell ya about it..

    ok well we got there at about 8:30ish and there was about 6 people there. so dana and melissa went to tthe place where the stage was and me and chel were at the fye and we stayed there for like 20 mins and then we went to mcdonalds and got food and then we went to the stage and we stayed there and we met some new friends kristen shannon and kelly. they are so awesome! ok well we were all just chillin in line and then we went up to the stage and we got front row baby! oh yea lol. and we were standing there for like 100 hours lol well thats what it felt like haha and then we like went to fye to see if anyone was there and not that many people were there.

    and then greg came on at like 230 and did a sound check. it was kinda boring. he sang like one full song and then like half of worthless cuz he said he was "getting too into it." lol. and then he went to fye and did a signing i didnt go cuz i didnt wanna lose my spot. so then radio disney did all this shit and they had like this kids star search thing and this little boy did this rap song and he was sooo cute! lol and then we stood for another 800 hours. then finally at 530

    ok so since i was front row center stage *teenies* haha and he did an awesomeeee show! and yea his dick was like all in my face and since it was just oh so close to me i touched itt! ahh lol it was soo greaattttt! man i was in heaven! haha and i think he liked it because he kept coming over for more! haha yea well during the concert he was all talking and i was like "greg you should do a signing after the show because not everyone got to meet you at the first signing so you should have one after and yeaa" and then he says something after bit i forgett. yea and then he continues to sing and blah and then when he sings worthless this random little girl goes on stage and hes like whats your name and shes like hama and hes like whats your name? and shes like hmaah and then hes like what do you want for christmas? and shes like maha and hes like yea me tooo. lmao! sorry i found that hella funny!

    ok well then after the concert he had a signingg! woo hoo! and when i went up to meet him he was like "you know this is all for you. the signing is all because of you. all cuz you asked me so sweetly on stage" and i was like *smile* lol and then when we were about to get a picture i was like greg do something weird in my picture. cuz all of our pics are the same. and then hes like well what do you want me to do? and im like i dont care. and he made this weird face and i dont know how to explain it and then we were talking for a little bit and then we just waited until the line was done and we got a group picture with greg and then we all went to the food court and got food and then we went to old navy and then we left.

    it was me chel rach melissa and dana and we all slept over chels house and we just chilled and went online and watched tv and then we went to bed.. and then in the morning rach left and then melissa and then dana and then at like 3 me and chel went to our pop pops house and it was boring. and then i went home and went online and went to bed.

    i had such an awesome time 10/25! i say that was the best concert so far!

    everyone comment

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