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megan (greeneyes78) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 14:17:00
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    yea well summer is almost over and i have kelly complaining in my ear constatly that shes scared 2 go 2 to highschool....yea well most 9th graders are...i want 2 go 2 private school with megan and sean...god heres a great way 2 get a mental hangover...have a crush on your friend!...that sucks so fucking bad....becuase they know you...and they know u like them...and then ur not sure if u should ask them out because your afraid and dont want to get hurt...and dont want 2 lose them as a friend and ...2 many ands....but if they might like u just ask them but u dont b/c u dont know if they do...than heres another my friend laura is going out with my friend billy...god never thought that would happen...even though they liked each other...but yea should be happy for them right...wrong...well really happy that they are happy but when they go around making other ppl feel like shit it sucks..yea...than theres this small littel detail as 2 whether or not im bi or...its like i have a crush on a guy...but i still think that alot of girls are really hot...and none of my other friends are gona talk about it b/c it makes them feel i never bring it up...but sometimes its like i wonder what it would be like 2 kiss a girl...or ne1 for that matter ...all my boyfriends had been prude....but right now...i think i might be bi...but ive never had a crush on a girl...just thought about being with i dont think i am but there is always that option...but god...o idk!..fuck...yea...well my friend heather is bi and she likes laura..she told laura because laura is that she would just know ...laura suspected it all along though...why does everyone care so much about apperence...i mean its not like i dont but why cant u just think your pretty without comapring it 2 everyone else...but thats what we do...ok well yea im done for today...no1 knows about this journal so im ok...i can type in here and not worry about any finding i can admit to used 2 cut...might be bi...hates some of my friends and contelplating suicide and not be scared about nething....i like this

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