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The Green Knight (green_knight) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 00:29:00
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    Current mood:Contemplating
    Current music:Mad Caddies

    The day music died
    August first '81 is known as the day MTV aired on television. Ironic that video killed the radio star was the first video shown on MTV. The thing is, video killed more than the radio star, it killed music all together.
    Allow me to take you on a journey through time.....
    Before MTV, a "rock star" was usually a poor musician who played solely for the music. Money didnt matter because they had none. Were Mozart or Beetoven or Haydn rich? Fuck No. When MTV started everything changed, rock stars became more popular and became, in my opinion, grossly overpaid. People began to exploit this, bands charged ridiculous amounts of money for records, tickets, and merch. Rock star status became legendary, they were praised almost as gods and everyone wanted a piece of it. Thats when the corporations stepped in. Record companies started taking over the bands, monopolizing the music industry itself, top execs becomming richer than imaginable. MTV was no different, why let corporations take the cash? so MTV became a corporation, took over the music industry with videos, merch, and overpriced randomness. Music started to be played for the gain rather than the true purpose, the music it self, the message within the music, and the eternal soul of the artist. There was no longer any "soul" in the music because the musicians had sold their souls to the golden idol, MTV. Dnt get me wrong, there was and still are some bands that haven't "sold out" and still play for what they believe (ie. NOFX, Anti-flag, etc) . These bands are growing fewer and fewer by the day.
    I'm not saying just because a bands video is played on MTV they are sell out casualties of social conformity, sometimes they are trying to use the beast to spread their message because this is the fastest way to spread it.
    Music isnt about beliefs and values any more, its about money, its about tricking the impressible minds of our youth, to get as rich as you can as fast and easy as you can. We've forgotten the music.
    Whats worse, MTV doesnt even play music videos any more. All that they play is bullshit shows about putting a bunch of faggots in a house and watching them fuck and fight. Its not right. They've created an entire new channel for the music (MTV2) because Music Television, cant play music any more. Now I'm seeing "shows" on MTV2. I predict that when people start watching 2 to see the music, they'll fill it with more "reality" shows. Basically they will continue this trend until they need another channel for the music MTV3? How many MTV's is enough? I say cancel MTV and send music back to its roots, rediscover the reason for music. Expression and liberation of the soul.

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