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Marybeth (greatestfallxo) wrote,
@ 2004-02-11 18:31:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:The first single, The Format

    Ahhh!!!!!! The concert was amazing!!!!!

    I planned to get there at like 6...but my mom insisted upon going with me ..just in case i got lost forever. I got there like half an hour later, but the great thing is that travis was waiting in right near the front! i only had to wait there for about half an hour..then we waited again in front of other doors. soon as they opened the doors..i ran as fast as i could. i weaved and dodged people..and i was the second person from the the center!!!!!

    bleed the dream was good. I dont really remember much..except that the lead singer tripped on wires..and sorta fell backwards...and hit the guitar player who was holding himself up by a crutch....

    The format was next!!!!!!! i had never even heard of them b4..and i had no idea what to expect...but they were incredible from the start. They opened by playing a serious acoustic song with just the lead singer and a guitar. you would have to have guts to do that at a punk show where no one knows who you are. After that they played faster and amazing songs. i have never fell in love with a band at a live show..then bought the cd...its always the other way around. If you like rooney, phantom planet, or the beatles..i think you will love these people. BUY THE CD NOW!!!! i havent even stopped listening to it!!!

    It gets better!!!!!! Yellowcard finally played..and people started pushing even harder. The girl in front of me i got to be in the front! it was sooooo much fun. However, after like 5 songs, they said that they had lost their voices too much and they were gonna stop playing. This sounds like its a bad thing..and people got upset..but actually i think it was better. They signed autographs and got pics and talked with everyone. Im going to have toooons of opportunities to see them do a show...but how many times will i get to meet them? o yea..they said that they would come back anyway to do a free show..but i dont really care if they do. i think they spent more time hanging out with us than they would have if they had just played an entire show.

    id also like to dedicate a portion of this entry to the security guards. even though some of them were really mean and made fun of some of us...there were some really nice guys. They kept askin me if i was ok..and they kept yelling at the guy who kept trying to push me so he could get in the front. that guy made me mad. he was pushing me to the left..but there wasn't anywhere for me to i was standing...with half of my body leaning drastically to the left..cuz he had to put his upper body where i should have been...some people are jerks. Oooo..and at the end of the show..a security guard took my camera and took pics for me! i have a really close up one of ryans head..haha. After they did this..jerk guy kept screaming..."you cant take pictures!!!! you cant take pictures!!!" by this point he had already pushed me away and got in the front. dont be a horrible person!

    Well...its 3 days after the show..and im still incredibly happy. i destined to be a groupie haha. My faaavoritest thing in the world is going to shows...and i wanna travel kinda fits,lol. Someone help me pick a band!!!

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