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GraceAnn (graciegirl9) wrote,
@ 2004-02-26 17:38:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Funky Cold Medina - Tone-Loc

    good day sunshine
    it was pretty out today. like so nice that i was hyper. n i felt like skipping. i dont understand it but the sun makes me want to skip. anyway my spanish midterm kicked my ass. it was umm very difficult...fckn stupid class. i really hate it so much. ill be so happy wen this semester is over n i never have to take a language again. tussel just told christy to "go suck a fck"... i have no idea wut that means but i cant imagine tussel ever saying such a thing and therefore its really funny. im hungry.. im always hungry... and im tired.... oo survivor is on tonite yay. if they get rid of rupert ill be so sad. hes just a genuinely nice guy. i wish that everyone was genuinely nice bc the world would be so much of a better place. also, if people werent so political n worried about money then the world would be more least thats wut i learned in education today. this was random n pointless entry... at dinner woody called christy a basketball slut... also she was totally like being a porn star rite in front of us! werent u christy? yes u were. woody n tussel are seriously the funniest people in the world. i was in like a sort of bad mood bc of the way that sum1 is acting rite now. but then i got to dinner n woody n tussel just like make me laugh so much. well not just me, im not like the only one laughing. they make everyone laugh n be smiley the girl (or boy)... (or wutever christy says cause shes a crack ho) anyway.. i guess im gunna go like be productive or sumthing....

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