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Brains, Beauty, and Sometimes Bitch (gothicrose) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 23:58:00
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    Items For Sale
    Okay, I have alot of items for sale. I am only accepting money orders for these items since I have had problems with people paying by cash or checks in the past.

    ($1)Artmatic Peach Cloud lipstick
    ($1) Artmatic Pepper Pot lipstick
    ($1) Artmatic Coffee Fudge lipstick
    ($1)Artmatic Pepper Pot lipstick
    ($1) Wet & Wild lipstick shade # 547A (pinkish beige frost)
    ($1) Artmatic Envy lipstick (green frost)
    ($1) Unknown name dark pink lipstick
    ($1) Wet & Wild lipstick shade # 547A (pinkish beige frost)
    ($1)Artmatic Pepper Pot lipstick
    ($1) Artmatic Iced Scarlett lipstick
    ($1) Artmatic Iced Scarlett lipstick
    ($1) Artmatic Envy lipstick (green frost)
    ($1) Artmatic Brandy lipstick
    ($1) Artmatic unknown color lipstick (orange frost)
    ($1) Futura lipstick (pink frost)
    ($1) Artmatic Silver Grape lipstick
    ($1) Aristocrat gold eyeliner
    ($2) 8 color eyeshadow palette in shades of brown
    ($2) CoverGirl Triple Lipstick (Fruit Punch)
    ($2) CoverGirl Triple Lipstick (Fruit Punch)
    ($3) 10 bottles of nail polish in assorted colors (3 red, 2 purple, 2 pink, 2 bronze, and 1 pink champagne)
    All lipstick and eyeshadow is new and unused. A few of the nail polishes have been used so I am selling those as a set.

    WWF & WCW Action Figures:
    Vince McMahon
    Shane McMahon
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    The Rock
    Triple H
    Chris Benoit
    Dean Malenko
    I'm asking $50 for the entire set or $5 each if you want me to break up the set.

    WWF Titan Tron asking $10 (new condition paid $30, batteries included)
    WWF Trash Talkin Stage asking $30 ( new condition, batteries included)
    WWF Smackdown Stage asking $10 (new condition, non talking version)
    WWF Wrestlemania 17 ring asking $20 (new condtion, all accessories included)

    Various issues of WWF and Raw magazine about 2 years worth. $1 per issue or $30 for all

    Also should add that these are not auction items. These are just items I am selling to clear out the clutter in my home.

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