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Captain Ramen (gorillatactics) wrote,
@ 2003-07-12 21:23:00
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    Current mood: crushed

    Mana Burnt
    Argh, sometimes lady luck is a real bitch.

    I've been laboring for two weeks, turning combos and sideboard possibilities over in my mind, so i could be ready for last night's events. I tested my deck out on everything i could find. I went up against burn, goblins, soldiers, clerics, birds, even SLIVERS (!) and still found victory. But if there is one race that represents cheap combos and unstoppable massing of creatures and tokens, it's those god-damned elves. I cant think of a time when an elf deck couldn't win. In my foolishness, I looked over elves, and that is EXACTLY what I played against.


    The first round was a slaughter, i got mana screwed like hell, and by the time i was rolling, my loss was sealed.
    Round two, i did better, and i almost cleared his half of the board. Almost.

    You are probably saying, "why not just make an elf deck?". Not only are they overrated, but they take the competitive edge out of it. It's like shooting a paralyzed baby kitten with a 12 guage tactical shotgun.
    Poor kitty.

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