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Googly Bear (googlybear) wrote,
@ 2003-01-19 22:38:00
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    Friday I spoke to my manager about my workload. She told me to tell her what I want to have reassigned, and she would take care of it. I enjoy the fact that I am being trusted to tell her what I want to work on, and what I want to pass on. I am thinking long and hard about this, since this is an opportunity to get rid of some crap. I also need to look at the long-term, as I don't want my workload to dry up in a few months, and then appear disposable.

    The kids went to grandmas this weekend, so wife and I got some time together. Friday night we watched "Unfaithful", the Richard Gere movie. Pretty good. Saturday we shopped most of the day, went out for dinner, and then came home to watch "Panic Room". Very good movie - I love suspense. Friday and this morning contained ever-elusive private time. Yippee!

    This afternoon we went to grandma's to pick up the kids. It's good to have them back, but the break was nice as well.

    Time to start thinking about work again, as it happens in the morning.

    I just started, finally, to start eating a more healthy diet. I have nailed down my biggest downfall - carbs. So, I am following an 1800 calorie diet and spreading out the food across a more healthy allocation. Moe veggies and fruit, more water, less carbs and less pop. I am using a popular food counting system, but not the "points" one. It is similar to the one with the points, but when you count points, you can get all your points from carbs, if you choose. The one I am using gives me a visual layout of my different food category allocations, and I try to keep it up.

    Today I slipped a little, as grandma made me a cake for my upcoming b-day. I only ate a little, and then I only had veggies for dinner, so I think I balanced it well.

    Now, what to do with the big hunk of cake she sent home with me.


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