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Alex (gomeza54) wrote,
@ 2005-08-03 14:54:00
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    So today I was helping my dad out removing the carpet, and he didn't need any help so I just came down and talked to tally on msn. Then I get a phone call from Regal and it's Cathy. Apparently, today, at 20 to, someone came in and informed everyone that Regal had gone bankrupt and everybody had lots their jobs. So that I didn't have to come in tonight. Sooo I have been layed off. I'm actually not bad with it. There was something that I was planning to do with the money after developing a financial plan with my mom, that I might have told a few about, and right now that seems to be the only thing affected by this layoff. I have some savings and a cushion that for some reason I did not spend, so I'll survive on that for a bit. Hopefully the Best Buy thing is going to work out this time... Debbie does have a bad history with me so I'm not going to make the same mistakes again. I called her yesterday but she was on lunch and I didn't call her back, today she's not in and tomorrow she's in at 9.30. So I'm getting up bright and early for that and we'll see how that works. There's always other options including me getting back in the rat race, which isn't actually as hard once you send out resumes like a bitch. Oh well, that's life! One door closes, another opens. I hated the job, but I was really beginning to like the people there and become close friends with them. I'll specially miss Ross... she was so tough on me but she and I had quite a bit of fun together. And her daughter Sam was pretty freaking awesome too. That's mostly who I'll miss. Courtney was pretty cool too, and she and I were good work friends and she was somebody to talk to in the midst of an unbusy day. I'd also thank Maureen, the big hen, for hiring me on the spot; Cathy, for spoiling me so much and letting me work the hours that I wanted!! (I got switched from night to day one time because I wanted to do something with trish that afternoon); and again Ross... she was just freaking cool. For all those breaks she gave us when nobody was looking, for teaching me how to properly steal a sucker and not get taught. Ah, she was just fun. Well, DUNNO what I'm doing today. I'm still going to go to Old Navy to buy boxers... because I am in dire need of boxers. Haha. Too much information! Well that's too bad... anyways, the rambling will now cease, as I have neglected chantal for too long.

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