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Kaitlynd (goldstar4effort) wrote,
@ 2003-06-04 20:06:00
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    Current mood: stressed

    21 days and freedom
    21 days left...I'm beyond excited. Graduation is finally here! I'm running for valedictorian, and I've written the first draft of my speech, this way if I get into the 5, I still have a week to edit it if needs be. I'm excited, and really hopeful that I'll get it. I get the feeling that some people are underestimating my ability to do it, but meh, if I get it, I'll definitley stand proud. My second grad dress fitting is tomorrow at 10:30 am, which sucks because I've missed too much school already.

    I'm kinda stressed out right now, I have 2 math test that I have to write during lunch because I can't do it during class because we have to cram a 10 day unit into 5, a chem quiz and test, then a world issues test and essay due on friday, then wednesday and thursday, its my provincial math exam. It's gonna be fun! lol So I figure that I'll write my 1st math test tomorrow, along with my chem quiz, then friday, world issues test during class, 2nd math test on friday at lunch, chem test during class. Its not going to be too hard, they're all pretty easy units. Chem I always struggle with, but I'll do it. lol

    My cat is sick. Its weird 'cause shes usually the most hyper thing around, but shes done nothing but sleep today, (yes, thats what most cats do, but this ones just psycho, hehe)

    Lately, I'm finding it kinda hard to trust people for some reason. I don't know why, I guess its just because there has been alot of lies, some which I want to know the *original* source, alot of issues with my mom again, and it seems like with grad coming, like friends are already starting to migrate away from eachother. I really hope thats not the case, or if I did something. Who knows. I've been pretty tired, making me distant lately, thats probably just why, I'm crazy. lol

    I've been thinking about university alot too lately. What exactly I'm going to do. I've been looking for a better paying job, so that I can work and actually be able to save a decent amount within a year or two. I just got another raise though, to $7.05, which isn't bad at all for fast food. But after 40 hours a week, 365 days a year, *without* deductions is only $13,536. Its still not that bad, but its not enough. My family has been pressuring me to go right away, but I don't think they realize how much money I need at the start. My parents say they'll pay for most of it, but they don't have the money. They have nil for savings, we live paycheck by paycheck, and I just found out that my parents are on the verge of getting a second mortgage. And they have the money to pay for it? I don't think so, let alone getting a loan. Then my aunt was telling me to go right away, go to be a doctor, "borrow" the money from my parents because they're "loaded" all you have to do is ask sorta attitude, theres no point in waiting, so what if *you* don't have the money, just go for it anyways. Now this is coming from the woman who owns her own business. Now they're loaded, they could afford it. They just bought a cow and 50 chickens out of nowhere, and were able to rent out a barn and chicken coupe (sp?) with no problem at all. Then we have to budget for everyday groceries. I don't know, I'm more than sure that others have worse money problems than I do, but as far as I'm concerned, its too much for me.

    I could really use a hug from Jon. I love his hugs, they make me feel whole inside, and really help to rid of any problems I'm having. They make me feel happy. Just thinking about them make me happy :)

    Wow, banzai is coming to fox. I think thats the show kate introduced to us. That will be time well spent. lol
    Well, I best be getting back to that world issues essay. I'm done my vent

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