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Kaitlynd (goldstar4effort) wrote,
@ 2003-04-24 18:20:00
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    Current mood: giddy

    ooo...the paper boy is in my driveway
    Well, today is a good day. It rained for the first time this spring, which was really nice, at least a nice change from the snow. We got out at noon today, and we didn't have alice! (alice in wonderland, the play I'm in) **happy as hell** and I had an awful craving for sunny side up eggs and toast, so guess what I had for lunch? yum!...I can't wait for grad. It's only 2 months away now, and it just seems so soon! But I'm soo excited! hehe, speaking of grad, I guess I better get the alterations on my dress done, huh? I keep saying it, but will it get done? :p tee hee
    Its kinda funny, my mom is building cardboard boxes to finally put away our christmas decorations. Yay organizing!! and my mom is a sweety 'cause I've been eyeing an exercise ball and "over-sized" exercise bands and she bought them for me today. I was super happy and gave her a big hug for it :D
    I'm wondering what my paycheck will be should be decent, but my last paycheck they screwed up and gave me $120 extra, and believe me, that was an awesome surprise, so I'm hoping that the company doesn't catch it and deduct it from this one. *hopeful*

    But, I best be going...I'm getting hungry, and I'm gonna help my mom build these boxes...hehehe!

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